About: Mark of Odin | La marca de Odín

About: Mark of Odin

Mark of Odin is something more than an Epic fantastic fiction saga where modern times meets Norse mythology and Science Fiction. It’s a universe and online community where you, readers and users, will be part of an ever evolving story that will be extended with each book.

The first step to join Mark of Odin’s community is purchasing the Online Pass Level I - Mark of Odin: The Awakening. Includes a serial key that you will use to register in our site to start a unique experience.



Once you become a part of our community you will be a part of Mark of Odin’s universe. You will find out that the story is not limited to the books but that will grow over time with new extended content. Stories that will allow you to know better our characters, organizations, locations, vehicles, technologies and more. Each one supported with new concept arts, illustrations, photos, videos, 3d renders to offer you a visual representation of the written world. Moreover, between each book you will have different Bonus Chapters that will introduce new events and characters that will be relevant for each next book of the saga.

To make it clear, if you check our Odinpedia, in Volume 0, Locations, you will find an extended description of the city of Seville explaining his situation before the first book starts. Then, in Volume 1, Locations, you will have an extended story explaining how the city is after the events of Mark of Odin: The Awakening. Once the second book is released, Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla, you will find a new content too. So you will have an experience progression for the story in Odinpedia to give you stuff to read and enjoy while you wait for each new saga’s book.

All is supported with gamification features that will give you rewards for progressing in the saga and for your loyalty and activity within the community. Like if this was an online game, you will enjoy an innovative experience in the literary world. We want to thank you for participating in the community, for sharing our content, recommending our books and more. For many actions your user will receive awards that will grant you Runes, our internal coins. In the future we hope to be able to allow you to use these runes to “purchase” for free exclusive merchandising. So if you are active and you help us to have a healthy community, to reach new readers and spread our saga, we will try to thank you!

Our objective is that finishing the book doesn’t have to mean that is the end, but just the beginning of a long way to enjoy all our universe and, who knows, maybe even have a real impact in its evolution!

Do you dare to embark in this adventure?

Xavier Marcé