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La marca de Odín: El despertar - Edición de Coleccionista


Mark of Odin: The Awakening is the first book of a literary transmedia epic saga that mixes modern times with Norse Mythology and Science Fiction in a way that you will imagine that you are inside a movie.


The year is 2012, Luis Oden is about to graduate as an Aerospace Engineer and he expects to be chosen to participate in the ambitious Project Hermes, to develop a new generation of space shuttles in the new European Aerospace Center of Seville, Spain. His life is seemingly perfect until he begins to suffer recurring nightmares where mighty beasts, that seem to come from the Norse mythology, assault and torture him urging him to wake up. But wake up to what?

Meanwhile, Jack Preston, a Lieutenant Colonel from the USAF and responsible for the tests of the X-56 Phoenix, a prototype of an orbital superiority combat jet fighter, is sent together with his crew to Seville to review the development of the Hermes program. There he will meet Luis when they are chosen to star the parachuting exhibition for the Columbus Day.

Both Luis and Preston ignore it, but a dark menace is coming and only their choices will be able to give a chance to humanity to survive.

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Right now we are not selling directly the printed edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening. We only sell it in Spanish to Spain.

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In the future we will see if we can have options to do direct shipping to more countries so you can get the Collector's Edition that we sell in Spain.

Collector's Edition would include:

  • SERIAL KEY 'Online Pass Level 1' to register in our website and have access to all its extended content.
  • Mark of Odin: The Awakening digital edition with no DRM.
  • Exclusive Bookmark inspired in Mark of Odin: The Awakening cover illustration by Michael Komarck.
  • Dedicatoria personalizada del autor Xavier Marcé. Nota: Indicar en observaciones del pedido a nombre de quién debe ir dirigida y cualquier preferencia de personalización.
  • Envío gratuito para todo el territorio nacional de España.

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Puedes disfrutar a continuación del tema principal de la banda sonora de La marca de Odín: El despertar compuesto por Knut Avenstroup Haugen.