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Letter from the Author #52: Multiplying the ways

cartadelautor52EN.jpgDear #MarkedbyOdin, we are almost touching the last hours of October so I want to get in touch with you to tell you what I have been doing and all the news from Mark of Odin’s saga. Now that the cold is coming, there’s nothing better that a little bit of info to warm our engines towards Christmas.

Battle of Jötunheim

First is confirm what is obvious, we are having a delay in the publishing of Battle of Jötunheim in Spanish. I’m the main guilty for that. As I told you I’m back in business with my Megapop Games friends to prepare the releases of Meganumbers and Trolls vs Vikings 2. For one side this has been positive for me, but on the other side I have less time and energy to progress with the final sketch as I would like.


Localización de referencia de Jötunheim


Be safe, I’m advancing and the bonus chapter is almost done. In fact, I think it’s becoming quite epic. I’m quite sure that you will love the new point of view from the Jotuns, more in particular from Ymir, who you knew him in the last stage of Road to Valhalla. My new horizon is to get the final sketch done early in November and share the chapter at the end of the month. This would happen after a review-editing stage. I’m still looking for options for the cover illustration, despite I can assure that I won’t be able to count with Michael Komarck for this one for now (Who knows if in the future…).

Working in new Editions

Another reason that is making me have less time to write is that I’m working in a new Spanish edition for Mark of Odin: The Awakening. I’m gathering the missing mistakes-issues. Once I’m done I’ll do the same with the same issues that evaded our controls in Road to Valhalla. That would affect ebook editions too. One of the new things that I’ll add is a new QR Code with a link to join our Discord community.


What’s Discord? If you haven’t seen our email some weeks ago, Discord is a text/voice chat platform used mainly in gaming communities, that we have adapted for Mark of Odin community. It’s an App that you can use either in your browser, computer or mobile device.

There you can get in touch of all our news, updates, and have direct contact with me and the Mark of Odin crew. It’s more intuitive and dynamic that the old Forums, so I encourage you to join us using this invitation.

Promos for Companies

In Spain I have been running a new special promo for companies, with Christmas as target, to get them buy our books as a gift for their employees and customers. This is something that I would like to try for International companies outside Spain, using Amazon as production center but I just lack the time and resources to get it done for now. But it’s something I want to try in the future for sure. In Spain we already had some companies that applied for this promotion and we are really happy.


La marca de Odín: El despertar en el metro de Londres


It’s important for me to raise our sells, especially from the English edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening. It’s the only way to start thinking about the English translation for Road to Valhalla. I would love to start right now but we still lack the numbers to support this investment.

I want to thank all of you for your pics and messages, either in your trips, homes or when you receive your books. This October our Spanish books have been selected as gift in many birthdays! I really love it!

Juanki con su Pack Coleccionista de regalo de cumpleaños

I say goodbye and thanks from my deep heart for all your support and cheers, without you it would be impossible to keep feeding this dream. Soon we will hit the stars, you will see it!

Remember, all is connected.

Xavier Marcé