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Letter from the Author #55: After the First Contact


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, I’m back on duty now that I returned some days ago from my trip to US. So it’s perfect timing to update you with all our news about the saga and this transmedia project that won’t stop growing.

As you can bet, this past month, being away most of it, there have been many things that I had to put aside. I wanted to finish several tasks and move forward in completing the drafts of several new extended stories. The truth is that I have barely had time or brain to get into it. As you already know, you can’t be in many places at same time! (Despite I wish I could!)

In this month I hope we can have ready the new Spanish edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening, at least for the digital version. On paper we hope to be able to order soon the first bunch of copies of this new edition, which includes changes and improvements. In addition to correcting some elusive mistakes, we update my photo and also add a new QR code inside so that new readers can join our Discord community. With that said, If you have not done it already, I'll ask you again, we'd love to have you all there to chat with us, debate with other readers about the saga and get all our news first. This would be followed by a complete review of the Spanish edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla in order to have a new edition ready for when we have to order more copies to the printer.


In terms of content, as I anticipated in my last letter, we have on the waiting list 'Brunilda: The weight of the command' (above you have a first pencil sketch of Manu Nieto) and 'Marta: The inner balance'. I will add soon another one about the ‘Alpha’ (not saying more to not do any Spoilers to those who haven’t read the second book yet). Manu Nieto is the main guilty for this one, as he already started to work on the illustration of this adorable creature. You can see a first tease in the next picture.


About our web, we have released the new Reviews section(English version still a work in progress) and activated the buttons in The Community to indicate that you have finished reading all the available Bonus Chapters. Using them will grant you their respective achievements. So if you haven’t done yet, please go now to add them to your profile. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to share your reviews from the first book and its three bonus chapters. Your reviews are so important for us. Not only because I can have a view of what you have felt reading me, but also because they can help others to join our ranks purchasing the Online Pass in our Store!

In that matter, I encourage you to share your reviews in Amazon, Google Play Books, iBooks , Kobo or in GoodReads if you are already registered there. This will increase our visibility and reach more users, which can be translated into more support to keep working in this amazing saga!


At this point it is time to address the main topic, the one that excited me more. What happened to my trip to the United States? Well, what I can tell you for the moment is that I had the opportunity to meet with very interesting and important people. People from different fields: Studios, Producers, Creative and Talent agencies, Business development companies... All of them have given me new points of view and also conveyed very positive congratulations and feedback for the entire project that revolves around Mark of Odin. And as I have been told more than once, not even large US companies have been able to do something similar despite having a thousand times more famous stories and almost unlimited resources.

You must understand that nowadays, getting an intellectual property to grow, become famous and become a product of mass consumption is an epic feat, almost reaching the impossible. You have to have your feet on the ground, but of course, from the first moment, with Mark of Odin I wanted to show that there is nothing impossible if you believe in it with all your strength until the end. What I can tell you is that this first trip, which I hope will be followed by others, has served to lay a foundation and sow. If everything goes well, sooner rather than later we will collect fruits and I will be very happy to share it with all of you.


And here we come for now. Again I want to thank you all #MarkedbyOdin, the ones that make it possible that this dream called Mark of Odin doesn’t stop growing. Each new reader that you get to join our community is a new impulse to make us fly so high.

Remember… All is connected!

Xavier Marcé