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Letter from the Author #57: The Edge of the Katana

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Dear #MarkedbyOdin, we have just crossed June Ecuador while we ready ourselves to the summer arrival. So it’s a good time to update you about what we are doing and what is coming soon. Especially considering than in less than one month we will be celebrating our seventh anniversary! Yes, next July 11th will mark seven years since we released Mark of Odin: The Awakening in Spain!


I would like to say that to celebrate it we are going to prepare a big party. It is rumored that we will have a live performance by AC/DC, with a great recreation of different iconic scenarios from Mark of Odin plus one hundred actors playing characters from the saga. All with famous guests from all around the world…

Ok, I’m afraid this is neither a dream nor Sergio Ramos wedding. No, to celebrate our anniversary we are not going to do anything like that, despite it would be so cool! No, what you can expect is that we expect to celebrate it sharing with all of you ‘The Edge of the Katana, the second DLC, bonus chapter, for Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla.

Finally, after many delays, I have been able to get in full hands with its final draft and I have to say that I have really good vibes. I think that you all are going to enjoy it a lot. Its style it will be quite different from what you saw with ‘The Battle of Jötunheim’, but it will allow you to know better one of the most mysterious and enigmatic characters from the second book: Katana. Who is that woman? How she ended in Seville? How has she been able to do everything what she has done? What will be her role in the future? I have to tell you that this will probably be the most raw and crude chapter that I have written for now and that it’s possible that hurt your sensibilities. That is why we surely will put a warning recommending to be read from 18 years old.

Now you can read the temporary synopsis for ‘The Edge of the Katana’:

For first time in her life, Katana has been captured and imprisoned. She has iron will and there’s no one in the world able to break her, causing great desperation in Jack Preston and his team of interrogators. Or maybe there’s someone? Katana will have to delve into her mind and memories to discover who she is really beyond whom she has been forged to be by blood and fire.

Besides, before we release this second bonus chapter I hope we can release the extended stories of ‘Marta: The Inner Balance’ and ‘Kira Takeda: Confronting the Past’. Hopefully we will receive their illustrations on time but I can’t promise for now!

After the seventh anniversary I hope that we can finally catch pace and get a steady regularity in the publication of additional content. In addition to those that are already finished, as the stories around Brunilda and the Alfa Hekkar predator, I hope to be able to prepare a new series of stories soon, so we can move them to the review-edit-illustration stages. One of them would be a news chronicle from our friends of Noticias Directo WebTV focused on a military-police operation after the events of the second book on Earth. The most relevant fact of this content will be that it will include real video sequences of military units, taken from the exhibitions done in Seville due to the Armed Forces Day. We have great shots recorded from the military so we have to see how we can use it properly so we have a final work that you can really enjoy.

On the other hand, we have already hit more than 82,000 readers exclusively in external digital platforms (Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play), so we have around 84,000 #MarkedbyOdin in total. As you can see we keep growing, slowly but steady! Every week new readers join our community and this dream. Every new reader is a great support for us! So be aware that every time that you get a new friend to start the saga you are helping as to keep working and plan new extended content.


At the end of May I also had the chance to attend as a speaker at the #PressPlaySVQ event, organized by Sevilla UP association in Seville. In it I had the opportunity to show this project to around forty videogames students and workers from the city. As you know we have a great influence from videogames! Manu Nieto, our Art Director, also attended the event and together we shared many experiences and found potential opportunities with some of the most emerging talents in Seville.

Another big news has been the release of the digital Second Edition for Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla in Spanish. It has been only one year after the first release so we are proud to have been able to improve the book in that time. Moreover, I have finally opened my Amazon’s Author Page, so you can follow there too if you want.

2ed lmdo ecav.jpg

Apart of this we keep working to publicize our promotions for groups (weddings, companies, students, etc.) in Spain. For our international readers in English we are planning to offer this option soon too! Once it’s live English fans will be able to get access to special promotions for big groups to have our digital Online Pass or the paperback edition from Amazon at a great discount. So if you are thinking about what the gift that you can give to your wedding guests or for your employees/customers, soon you will have the choice of giving our book and extended universe too!

Thanks a lot for all your support and remember, you can share your book and bonus chapters reviews in our Reviews section. You can talk directly with me and the team about the saga, our news or any topic you love in our Discord Community.

Remember, all is connected.

Xavier Marcé