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Letter from the Author #59: A Summer of Tales

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Dear #MarkedbyOdin, August is ending and Summer is leaving with it, despite we are going to enjoy hot weather for a while. This is a good excuse to share with you all the news and updates about Mark of Odin. To tell you what I have been doing and what is coming soon. So if you want let’s get to it.


Since my last #LetterfromtheAuthor, focused in our seventh anniversary, I haven’t stopped any moment. While many of you were enjoying holydays (and you have shared pics of your books!) I have taken the chance to move forward at an increased speed. One of my main duties have been get to date with the final versions of many of the extended stories for Odinpedia’s Volume 2. Before I put my hands into the final text of the third book, it’s so important to me to have all the extended stories finished and ready before.

Alberto shared this picture from his Honey Moon at Panama.

Extended Stories

As the Spanish readers have already noticed we have already posted some of the new content. In total, Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla has available seventh new stores. Maybe they are few or many but, what If I tell you that I have already ready another twenty stories to post? And what if I say that… I have at least another twenty planned apart of these? To clear things, The Awakening has twenty six extended stories. Well, Road to Valhalla is going to have almost the double! Why so many stories? Road to Valhalla is a longer book that introduce so many new stuff. It’s important to me to stop for a moment and let you know better all of them, so you can have more points of view before the events of the third book.

Now I’ll share with you the list of the twenty short stories already finished (in Spanish) that are waiting their moment to be posted:


When will they be posted? That’s a good question. Some of them as the ‘Alvit’s records’ series will be posted every week in the coming days. Other, that are waiting for new illustrations and 3d works will take longer. What I can tell you is that our Spanish readers will enjoy a new content every week, at least for September-October.

My plan is to keep finishing all these stories that I have already planned, plus the third bonus chapter, ‘The Hidden Signal’. With all that done I would have all the needed stuff to address completely the third book. I hope that I will reach this point next Fall. The time I could focus in writing will be affected by my other duties in this project and my external ones.

In that regard I wanted to share with you that with Megapop Games we are developing a new Title, Haxity. It’s a really fun game that mixes card game gameplay, like Hearthstone or Magic, with Street Fighter one! We have just shown it to many videogames industry people at Gamescom Cologne at feedback has been awesome! So maybe I’ll be a little bit busier than expected in the coming months.

International Expansion

Another of my big objectives for the coming weeks is to keep working to expand the Mark of Odin Intellectual Property. If back in February I travelled and meet many people in Los Angeles, in October it’s time to visit the International Book Faire of Frankfurt. This is one of the most important events in the Book’s world. There I’ll continue some talks and start new ones with people from USA, as well meet all kind of people from book publishers, literary agents and people from the gaming and Movies/TV industries. So in September I’ll be preparing all this amazing and challenging trip!

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Business/Group Promotions

The third main objective is to push the promotion of our offers for groups and companies. We want that Mark of Odin books become the special gift for many people in the coming Xmas. So if in your company/foundation/Association are thinking in a gift for your employees/customers/friends/members we are the best choice ever! Don’t miss our promotions page!

Finangest Economic Advisors choose Mark of Odin books for their Xmas'18 gift for their customers!


Despite it’s going to take some time I’m already working in nice stuff for the third book. It’s early to say nothing but we are going to innovate more and include really cool features that you will love! Not only for the book itself, but for the crowdfunding campaign, that will give you the chance to become part of it. Not only that, as I’m planning really cool things for the stretch goals that you will really love to have!

Moreover, we are waiting to receive the first bunch of Spanish Paperback Third Edition books for Mark of Odin: The Awakening! And hopefully we will receive the first one for the Second Edition for Road to Valhalla in September too! This summer has been really thrilling and many new #MarkedbyOdin have joined our ranks!


Casillas Townhall did an exposition to honor the deceased Jose Pinto, who helped us so much to promote Mark of Odin in BOOM tv show (A3TV).


As always I encourage you to join our Discord Community where we are trying to have a living community. There you will be able to talk with our team and with me about all related Mark of Odin stuff and more!

Last but not least, please keep sharing the book and giving advice to your friends to read it. The more readers we have the more content we will be able to produce for all of you! Remember, without you this dream won’t have future. Thanks for being at my side!

Remember, all is connected!

Xavier Marcé