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Letter From the Author #60: To the Conquest of Frankfurt

Dear #MarkedbyOdin, we are just entering the fall, despite in Seville we still can feel the summer, and a new and epic stage for Mark of Odin. This is a great timing to update you about all our news and tell you what we have been doing in the past weeks.


In my previous #LetterfromtheAuthor I showed the list of the already finished extended content that were waiting to be published. As our Spanish readers have seen we have been releasing new stories every week. The plan is to keep doing it for a while, as there are some that need their illustrations and audiovisual works to be finished yet.


In that regard I have to admit that I have been unable to produce new content during September. If you remember I told you that I wanted to finish the final production for ‘The Hidden Signal’, the third DLC for Road to Valhalla. But It has been impossible. I really wanted to progress in that regard but “tempus fugit”.

Why? As I told you one of our main focus for this Fall was going to strength our international expansion for Mark of Odin. So I had to use all my attention and energy in preparing my attendance to the incoming Frankfurt Book Fair. From October 15th to 19th I’ll in what will be for a while the world capital for the Book Publishing universe to expand Mark of Odin books and Intellectual Property.

Feria de Frankfurt 01.jpg

This is my first time in this event and I must admit that is an overwhelming event! Just you can figure out, only from Germany there will be almost 2,000 exhibitors between book publishers, literary agents/agencies and book scouts, etc. Now add it everyone from all the rest of the world! Scheduling appointments, finding spots in the agendas, introduce our dream to so many people has been a titanic effort. Despite of that I must say that there’s already quite people interested in Mark of Odin so I hope we can find synergies to spread it to more countries and languages.

In that regard we prepared a new presentation video that you can watch in our international Youtube channel. Not only that, we have crafted a new printed dossier that we will give on hand during the Fair. Again I had the support of our friends at PrintColor to make it possible. I hope that soon I can show you the results of it, just before flying to Frankfurt.


The truth is that I’m eager to enjoy this experience. I’m aware that this is just a first contact mission and miracles can’t be expected, but I’m sure that I’ll planting seeds that soon or later will bear fruit.

On the other hand, we started actively to promote our corporate discounts and promotions for business. We want that Mark of Odin becomes again a special and unique gift for next Christmas for many companies. So if in your company you are looking for something to gift to your employees or customers please check our promotions page!

Hopefully once I lower the stress level I’ll be able to flow again with creativity to keep writing new content. As I already told you, my biggest desire is to start as soon as possible the final script for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok.

But my life hasn’t been only about Mark of Odin. This Fall we are pushing forward at Megapop Games with our new videogame, Haxity. After scoring great interest in the past Gamescom Cologne the new builds are really promising. I wish we can release it soon so you all can enjoy its unique gameplay. If you love fighting and card games, you will like it, and if you love cyberpunk setting you definitively will fall in love!

As always I encourage you to join our Discord Community where we are trying to have a living community. There you will be able to talk with our team and with me about all related Mark of Odin stuff and more!


Last but not least, please keep sharing the book and giving advice to your friends to read it. The more readers we have the more content we will be able to produce for all of you! Remember, without you this dream won’t have future. Thanks for being at my side! That’s the best fuel to be successful! Frankfurt is just the start, the world comes next!

Remember, all is connected!

Xavier Marcé