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Letter from the Author #61: From Frankfurt to Christmas

Dear #MarkedbyOdin, we have said goodbye to October with Halloween and with some Holyday days in Spain. So it’s a good time to update you about Mark of Odin and all what is coming soon.

Frankfurt Book Fair

As you already know, in October our first priority was to attend to Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the most important event in the world for book publishers. Is the place where most books rights are sold/purchased and where you can foresee the future trends of the industry for next year.

feria del libro de frankfurt 07.jpg

During three days I got the chance to have more than sixty meetings with literary agencies and book publishers from all around the world. These were insane days, where I had to test my mental and physical endurance, but very, very rewarding. You have to take into account that this Fair had more than 7,500 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors!

multitud de reuniones.jpg

The first feedback from everyone I met was that Mark of Odin project and books are amazing. After the Fair we have to do new steps to see how these first impressions evolve. It will take weeks and months, as we don’t only have to talk but to wait to have our books read and reviewed, plus check its viability into the different foreign markets.

feria del libro de frankfurt 06.jpg

At the end, our hopes and objective is to get as many deals as possible that make Mark of Odin books to be translated and sold in all the regions we can. This would not only mean an important economic boost for us, but a way to strengthen our image so we can keep building our path to expand this intellectual property to other media like movies, videogames, comics, anime and more.

The Hidden Signal

Talking about new content I’m afraid I can give you anything new from what you already knew. I hope to be able to focus in ‘The Hidden Signal’ in November. This will be the third bonus chapter / DLC for Road to Valhalla. Hopefully I’ll have all ready to share it with all of you before Christmas. Before that comes I expect to share some more extended content that are already finished but waiting for their respective illustrations or audiovisual support.

If all goes well, early next year I’ll be able to focus finally in the final production of Ragnarok, the third issue of the Mark of Odin saga!

Preparing the Christmas campaign

Yes, Christmas is almost here and that means that we have to focus in its campaign to attract more #MarkedbyOdin and increase our resources to produce new content. In order to get that we count with new weapons and reinforcements that we expect that will help us to raise sells.


For one side, we have ready the Spanish paperback Second Edition for Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla. We have already ordered a new bunch of books to our printer to reinforce our stock in behalf of next Christmas.


Exclusive Road to Valhalla Postcards

On the other hand, starting the past October 30th, we are offering two exclusive Road to Valhalla postcards to all new readers that buy our Spanish Collector’s Packs and Editions. These postcards are based in the incredible illustration from Michael Komarck used in the cover of Road to Valhalla. It’s a limited offer and stock, so only the first ones will have their postcards!


Exclusive contest for our registered readers

This week we will announce a new contest for all current registered readers in Spain. With it you will have the chance to get one of the 5 packs we will give that will include two exclusive postcards and our brand new presentation dossier. This is something that many of our readers have asked and now you will have the chance to have one yourself!

Your feedback and participation are crucial

I want to remember you that for us it’s so important to have you aboard in our Discord community. There is where we have better direct interaction with all of you. Not only that, we really need that you share your reviews about the books and bonus chapters in our Reviews Section and/or in external platforms. They are really important to convince new readers to join us!

In Christmas, make Mark of Odin your gift

I encourage you to help us make that Mark of Odin can be the best gift for next Christmas. No matter if it’s for you, or to gift to your family and friends, or to give them advice to gift us. Your support and recommendations are crucial to help us grow. At the end, you are the best Valkyries and Einherjars that we have. There’s no battle we can win united! Thanks a lot for your support!

Remember all is connected

Xavier Marcé