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Letter from the Author #64: Behind the Scenes

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Dear #MarkedbyOdin, here you have the first letter of this year 2020, arriving almost ending the month of March to update you with what is in progress, since it has taken me longer than I would have liked to share with you news about Mark of Odin.


We keep on track

I'm sure you will have noticed that from the outside, things seem to have stopped after the release of ‘The Hidden Signal’. This month of January and February have been very intense for me and have prevented me from focusing on Mark of Odin as I would have liked.


Several factors have coincided for this. On one hand, I have had to focus my time in Megapop Games, since we are in the process of pre-releasing our new video game, Haxity. On the other hand, all the sessions I teach at the University of Seville have taken place, both in the Expert Title of Community Manager, and in the Master in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies.

To all this we have had to add several personal issues of family movings (which are still kicking) and I am waiting for an medical surgery (nothing serious, but which will require a short rest season).

Does this mean that we have done nothing?

No, although we have not shared new content, we have keep working in various paths so that Mark of Odin continues to grow.

Firstly, I continue to focus on international expansion, which requires much longer processes and negotiations than one could imagine in the middle of the 21st century.

Not only that, seeing the changes experienced in recent months on social media and advertising platforms, we have focused resources and time on trying new formulas to reach new potential #MarkedbyOdin. Your word of mouth is essential, but we have to complement it with new marketing campaigns that allow us to reach more people. Step by step we continue to grow and we remain at the top positions of rankings of the external platforms. At Amazon this week we have reached the Top 1 of Science Fiction with The awakening, for example.




Regarding this, we are analyzing options to get a strong boost that allows us to unite our current growth and take a giant leap.

Towards the coming weeks

If I manage to get these initiatives work together, I hope I can start production of Ragnarok as soon as possible. I am still looking forward to having at least the final draft ready before the end of this year, or sooner if all goes well and I can focus exclusively.

As for the finished extended stories awaiting for illustrations and audiovisual productions, we are stuck right now. The quick solution would be to publish them without the intended materials and / or add them later. Or, look for an alternative to its production, since Manu Nieto's current responsibilities prevent him from being able to finish them right now.

I would like to know your opinion about it in order to see what we do. I encourage you to comment both on the web, by email or on Discord. I also remind you that I am looking forward to reading your book reviews and bonus chapters. We have finally had the first review for ‘The Hidden Sign’ and I have been very excited!


Finally, I remind you that I am celebrating the seventh anniversary of my GoMultiplayer magazine by drawing more than € 5,000 in video games prizes. I encourage you to participate before the end of this Sunday so that you have the option of having one of the prizes come to you. Mark of Odin is present with a collector's pack and five digital ones.

This time there are not many news, but there is much on the horizon that I hope will arrive soon. Stay tuned!

Remember, all is connected.

Xavier Marcé