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Letter from the Author #76: Nine years fighting for a dream

Dear #MarkedbyOdin, on July 11th Mark of Odin project will celebrate its ninth anniversary since its official release. It was on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 when we published Mark of Odin: The awakening in Spain and we launched the first version of the online platform that supports this transmedia literary project with gamification characteristics.


These nine years have been full of challenges, hard tests, testing my limits, but also great satisfactions, dreams come true, and great achievements and rewards. This anniversary is going to be one of the most special for me for different reasons.

The hundred thousand sons of Odin

One of them is because I have recently exceeded 100,000 books sold and distributed in the series around the world, adding the sales of our store with those from external platforms. That a indie author like me has achieved something like that is, simply, incredible. I still can’t believe it!


It is true that, in the world in which we live, such a milestone is still not enough to break the barrier that will allows us to fully take off. On the one hand, both the general and specialized media, with very honourable exceptions, continue to actively ignore us. On the other hand, the evolution of social media and digital marketing has made it increasingly difficult and expensive to reach new people. So I have found situations like fans that still didn’t know that we are going to publish Ragnarok this year, or that we even have already published Road to Valhalla in Spain three years ago!

Loading Ragnarok… 50% completed

Another of the great reasons is precisely this. I have finally been able to put aside a few months of work so that I can focus exclusively on producing the final draft of Ragnarok. And boy am I doing it! It's been a little over a month since I started doing it, after producing new reissues of The Awakening and Road to Valhalla. In these weeks I have managed to complete the prologue and the first thirteen chapters, of the 27 total that the third book will have. We speak of more than 300 pages and 105,000 words that are already in the review phase.


I have done it by forcing a brutal rhythm that, I am not going to deceive you, has caused me more than one moment of crisis. When compared to the production of the final draft of Road to Valhalla, it took me nine months to achieve what I achieved this year in just five weeks. It is also true that a good part of those nine months did not have exclusive dedication, but what a fabric! I also faced this challenge starting from a very bad personal moment for me, but as I always say, crises bring opportunities. So, I have tried to focus all my energies on Ragnarok so that I can come out of this situation stronger.

I can tell you that for now the feedback from the history review group (and the thousand and one misprints and mistakes of mine) is being very positive. One of the great challenges with Ragnarok is getting the right pace, as it is a very fast-paced part of the series. In this book there will hardly be time to breathe, there are many things that are going to happen and, many of them, are going to cause you more than one heart attack. Still, I think I'm getting the right rhythm so you can defibrillate, get your adrenaline pumping, and get up to continue the fight. At least until the end of time… You don't know how much I want to finally share the book! There have been so many years imagining this moment! As a small glimpse, here you can see the index of the chapters that are in the review process now.


So, as you can see, yes, we are sticking to the planned roadmap. That I update you below:

  • Mid-End of August: Finalization of the final Ragnarok manuscript
  • First of September: Beginning of the process of editing, layout, cover design, etc.
  • Mid-End of September: Launch of the early booking campaign
  • Mid-End of November: End of the early booking campaign
  • December: Sending copies

We need you to bring life to More than one light theme

I already told you that one of the great surprises of Ragnarok was going to be the inclusion of a musical theme composed by the artist Milena Brody. In chapter 7, her alter ego, Åsa will perform the song on the occasion of the commemoration of the second anniversary of #DisasterSevilla. Well, we need your help so that the song becomes a reality in our world.

Milena Brody Crowdfunding.jpg

Two weeks ago, Milena launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance her first album, which will include this song. There are 25 days left and she has only € 1,857 of the € 6,000 she needs to launch it. That is why I ask you to encourage yourself to contribute. We need you so that ‘More than one Light’ can be a reality! In addition, you can thus enjoy the creations and voice of Milena, who deserves that this project can succeed. With only € 8 you can contribute by obtaining the digital disc. Do you accept the challenge #MarkedbyOdin?

Pre-Order campaign will decide all

I know that we are going to have great success with the early pre-order campaign. And do you know why I know? Because only with you, the registered readers, who have acquired the first two books, or, at least, the first one… We will not only be able to publish Ragnarok. If all of you support early pre-orders we will be able to have at least the printed editions of the first six bonus chapters and the Odinpedia content up to Volume 2, in full color.

The "basic" edition of Ragnarok in the early pre-order campaign will be exclusive to each reader, with your name printed, as well as being included in the acknowledgments. It will also include an exclusive bookmark, my personalized dedication and shipping (All will be express, except for the islands, which will be with the Post Office). In the case of taking one of the packs of the three books or of The Road to Valhalla + Ragnarok, the first two will also be limited editions, which will reflect that they are from the Ragnarok pre-order campaign. Also, I would like to offer special t-shirts aside. Although, if you do, the option will be subject to getting a minimum number of requests.

Xavier Marcé con el borrador de Ragnarok.jpg

From there, as collection milestones are met, we will unlock additional rewards. The first level, which will indicate that we managed to cover the minimum amount to publish the book, will unlock exclusive postcards. From there, the next two levels will be specific to be able to produce the printed editions that I have mentioned. If we can get there, I will reveal new possibilities. Although, if possible, I would be excited to resume the development of the Odinpedia App, which represents a significant investment in time and money.

Enjoy the Summer with caution

I finish the letter wishing that you can all spend a safe and happy summer with your loved ones. Step by step we are being more vaccinated, even so, the facts are the facts, and, unfortunately, the pandemic is still more alive than ever. So be very careful, let's not let those of the Plain Truth lengthen this suffering any longer.

As always, I encourage you to join our Discord community and continue sharing your impressions of the books, not only in the Opinions section, but also on external platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, Lektu or Goodreads. Having a good evaluation and opinions there helps us a lot to attract new readers. Each new reader we get this summer will bring us closer to launching Ragnarok. Thank you very much #MarkedbyOdin for your support.

And now ... I go back to the cave to chain myself to continue writing!

Remember, everything is connected.

Xavier Marcé