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Letter from the Author #79: Merry Christmasnarok and Happy New Year 2022

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Dear #MarkedbyOdin, my #LettersfromtheAuthor return to wish you Merry Christmasnarok and New Year 2022 and to celebrate that Mark of Odin: Ragnarok in Spanish is already in your hands or is about to do so after the past months of total frenzy to make it possible.


If I look back at the beginning of this year, when I envisioned using 2021 to be able to write Ragnarok so that you could all have it in 2022, I never imagined everything that would happen. This year has been very hard, very bad personally, I am not going to deceive you. I've had the thought for a long time that it was a lost year, but if I'm objective, it has been an incredibly productive year.

The dystopian storm we are experiencing has affected us in many ways and my subconscious, despite being overwhelmed, has made me face it by pushing forward more, fighting more and resisting a thousand times more. There is no other explanation to understand why I could have written a 240,000-word draft, such as Ragnarok's, in two and a half months. Not that I have done it after releasing new in-depth reissues of The Awakening and Road to Valhalla, published the hardcover edition of The Awakening in English, releasing a new version of my GoMultiplayer magazine... And then adding the entire Ragnarok editing process, the pre-order campaigns, the release of my videogame Rob Riches, the preparation of all orders for the pre-order campaigns... Survive the shipments!

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This year there have been many obstacles, many debacles and threats, but there have also been incredible things. The greatest of all has been your support. Because despite all the handicaps, many of you have taken a step forward so that we could make this crazy dream come true and have no other option but to release Ragnarok in 2021.

The #RagnarokPioneers have pushed me with an unusual energy. To the point of making me go from wanting to leave direct sales on paper and print just enough for you, to make the largest print run in our history and be able to edit and publish an additional book to give it to you. In total, we have shipped over 450 books between the two pre-order campaigns.

Now the idea is to be able to rest a little, from today, I hope. In the meantime, we have our online store for the laggards and those who want to join in as first timers. I hope that many choose the books as a gift for the Reyes Magos. Also, I hope to prepare and launch the digital editions on external platforms and also the print edition from Amazon so that readers around the world can have it too, not just those in Spain.

And for 2022, well, I have big plans, although for Mark of Odin I'm going to take a break for a season. One of the great reasons for pushing the pace so hard and getting Ragnarok out in 2021 has to do with a great personal goal that I have for the beginning of 2022. I'll have more info as soon as things gets clear. But I do tell you that, if you are thinking of getting the collector's editions on paper in the future, do not let it pass, since in 2022 we may have the sale on paper paralyzed for a period. Although I am still studying alternatives if it is the case. I will inform you.

Little more to add, I just wish you to take good care of yourself, don’t let the damn Covid or the dystopian world that tries to rule our lives break your happiness and your future. We are stronger and more resistant than them, not for nothing are you all marked by Odin, who woke up to your destiny, to travel the path to Valhalla and fight in the battle of the end of time... Ragnarok!


I encourage you to join our Discord community and also to add us to your contact list on WhatsApp (Say hello at +34 671 48 96 90 and keep sharing your impressions of the books. Not only in the Opinions section , but also on external platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, Lektu or Goodreads. Having a good rating and opinions there helps us a lot to attract new readers.

Remember, everything is connected.

Xavier Marcé