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Mark of Odin celebrates its ninth anniversary

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Nine years and one day ago, in July 11, 2012, marked the day of the official launch of Mark of Odin literary project. This is where the #DesastreSevilla spectacular trailer took place and our first web page went live, from which the first #MarkedbyOdin could order their first books of Mark of Odin: The Awakening.


During this time the saga has keep growing with new book editions, the release of the English version, or the release of Road to Valhalla in Spanish. Add the six Bonus Chapters and more than 500 pages of story in form of extended stories with all kind of audiovisual content to support them.

This ninth anniversary is marked with the great achievement of reaching more than 100,000 books sold/distributed in our store and external platforms. Moreover, this year will see the release of the third issue of the saga, Mark of Odin: Ragnarok.

So all the clues point that the 10th anniversary will be epic! For many more years #MarkedbyOdin!