Mark of Odin saga exceeds 130,000 readers in print, ebook and audiobooks

Mark of Odin saga exceeds 130,000 readers in print, ebook and audiobooks

We started the year 2023 strong in Mark of Odin, finally reaching the important milestone of 130,000 readers of the saga in total, between print, ebook and audiobook. If we add up all the readers who have decided to buy our paper and digital books in our store, or on external platforms, we get closer and closer to the challenge of 150,000.


Of these 130,000, we have to highlight that we have surpassed 7,000 audiobooks on Google Play Books, after the final release in summer 2022. For us it is quite an achievement and a sign of the growth potential of the Mark of Odin saga.

In 2023 we expect to grow much more organically, through word of mouth, and supported by our marketing and advertising actions, including internal and external promotions. For example, until January 5, 2023 it is possible to purchase the first three books in the saga at a 30% discount on Google Play Books.

We take this opportunity to announce that this month of January will be the last, until further notice, in which we will send the books of Mark of Odin signed in a personalized way by the author Xavier Marcé. We also remind you that the stock of promotional postcards for the launch of Ragnarok is about to run out. So if you want to catch up or give away our saga, we encourage you to place your order in our store as soon as possible to have the postcards and dedications of the author Xavier Marcé.