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Mark of Odin will be attending Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 and Festival of Licensing 2020

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Mark of Odin team is pleased to confirm our presence, with author Xavier Marcé at the helm, both at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020, as well as at the Festival of Licensing 2020 multi-region international event, next October.

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Both events represent the largest international benchmarks in their field and will offer unique opportunities to expand the intellectual property of Mark of Odin. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, this year both events will be held mainly digitally and virtually.

Frankfurt Book Fair

Last year was the first in which we attended what is considered the most important international event in the literary and book publishing world. The author Xavier Marcé had the opportunity to meet with more than sixty publishers from all over the world to publicize Mark of Odin.

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On this occasion we will be present as digital exhibitors, thanks to the initiative of the organization of the event, to allow international publishers and professionals to participate.

"Last year I had the opportunity to lay the foundations for new expansion opportunities for Mark of Odin. The Covid19 pandemic came abruptly and had a huge impact on everyone's plans, to the point of seeing great publishers disappear or completely withdraw," said Xavier Marcé. "That is why it is more important than ever to be able to attend this new edition not only to show the news of Mark of Odin, but also to share experiences and formulas that will allow the sector to resurface from this crisis."

In addition to publicizing our saga, in this edition of the fair we will present the first of the Mark of Odin audiobooks. Specifically, the English edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening.

The Frankfurt Book Fair will take place from October 14-18, with a big real-time event on October 17.

Festival of Licensing

Author Xavier Marcé will attend this event for the first time, considered one of the most important internationally in the world of Licensing. It will do so digitally, both in its edition for Europe, North America and Asia.

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"The Festival of Licensing is a unique opportunity to meet agents and professionals who are experts in expanding intellectual property to other worlds," said Xavier Marcé. "I believe that Mark of Odin is an intellectual property with a lot of potential and opportunities to fit into other media such as film, video games, animation and, of course, merchandising."

The Festival of Licensing will take place from October 6 to 29, divided into three parts, one focused on each of the participating regions: Europe, North America and Asia.