Mark of Odin will be present at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 | La Marca de Odín

Mark of Odin will be present at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

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Author Xavier Marce has confirmed in his official blog that he will assist to Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 with Mark of Odin. Frankfurt Fair is the world most important convention for the book publishing industry and we expect to show our books and intellectual property to many people.

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In his blog, Xavier Marce has said:

My objective is not only continue the many talks started back in LA with people from the Film industry, but show this amazing project to many Literature Agencies and Book publishers from all around the world. I want that Mark of Odin can be read in far more languages than Spanish and English, and make it eassier to everyone to discover this incredible fantastic fiction saga that has already amazed so many people. Is not for nothing that we have passed 84,000 readers only in external digital platforms, that together with the paperback readers from Spain get almost 86,000 #MarkedbyOdin! They are the first wave that have to welcome the new readers that have to come.

If you want to read the entire note from Xavier Marce you can do it in his official blog.