Now available the Early Pre-order campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok in Spanish | La Marca de Odín

Now available the Early Pre-order campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok in Spanish

Dear #MarkedbyOdin, Mark of Odin team is pleased to announce that the Early Preorder Campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok is now available. Until next Sunday, November 7, you will have the opportunity to reserve a unique edition of the third installment of the saga at an exclusive price for the campaign.


You will have six different options to enjoy this advance reservation: Three on paper and three on digital. Whether you are #MarkedbyOdín that you go up to date and you only need the third one, as readers who stayed in The Awakening, or newcomers who have just learned the saga and want to embark on it with the complete trilogy directly.


All readers who participate in the early booking campaign will be included in the thanks as Pioneers of Ragnarok. In addition, the paper editions of Ragnarok will be numbered and nominative. That is, each one will have your name printed on it. Not only that, the book also includes the musical theme "Más de una Luz", by singer Milena Brody.

During the duration of the campaign, as different participation milestones are reached, the campaign can be leveled up to add new free extras for readers. In the case of reaching Level 1, those who buy printed editions will have an additional exclusive Ragnarok postcard. As levels are completed, we will unlock / announce the next ones.

LMDORA_Portada Temporal_MANU-01.jpg

As if this were not enough, those who buy on paper will also have the option of getting one of the exclusive Pioneers of Ragnarok t-shirts. As you can see, we have prepared a lot of surprises and details for all fans of Mark of Odin.

You can see all the options, details and purchase your books in the Early Pre-Order Campaign of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok.