You can now enjoy the audiobook editions in Spanish of the Mark of Odin saga | La marca de Odín

You can now enjoy the audiobook editions in Spanish of the Mark of Odin saga

The Mark of Odin team is pleased to announce that Spanish audiobook editions of The Awakening, Road to Valhalla, and Ragnarok are now available. These editions are totally free for registered readers and you can download them right now in the download areas of each book in The Community.

Audiolibros de La marca de Odin.jpg

Likewise, the audiobook editions are also included in all the collector and digital packs of our store without any increase in cost. This is one more effort on our part to give even more incentives for new readers to join #MarkedforOdin.

Below we confirm the approximate duration of each audiobook:

  • The Awakening: 14 hours
  • Road to Valhalla: 24 hours
  • Ragnarok: 28 hours

On the other hand, we announce that the audiobook of Mark of Odin: The Awakening in Spanish and English will also be available for free, at least on the Google Play Books and Kobo platforms. While the audiobooks of Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok will be available for sale at the recommended price of €9.99 and €14.99 respectively (may vary according to the conditions of each platform).

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We provide you with the direct links to the external platforms below:

Additionally, we hope to be able to offer audio versions of all Odinpedia extended stories and bonus chapters throughout this summer.

So if you want to enjoy the audiobooks, download them right now in The Community and if you haven't joined the saga yet, do so now with the Trilogy Collector Pack or the Digital Trilogy Pack.