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Behind Mark of Odin #09: Eva's photo

In this new issue of Behind Mark of Odin I’m going to talk about the production process to recreate the special photography that comes with the extended story of ‘Eva: tears of sorrow’. For first time in our extended universe we decided to use a real composition, instead of illustrations. We wanted to recreate in real life one of the scenes told in this story. Now you can discover how we did it.

As you can imagine recreate a fiction scene with a real photo is far more complex, to start, than with an illustration, which only limitation is the imagination and skills of the artist. In our case having Manu Nieto aboard is a blessing, as his skill and clear view of all our universe is out of question.

For this project we were lucky to have the collaboration of a great team of wonderful collaborators. First we had Rafael Arbide, a great photographer from Fashion world in Seville and one of the most creative and proactive persons I have ever met, as well as a good friend. Second, with Karolina Matuszewska, a promising makeup artist able to do magic without using digital effects. At last, we counted with the rookie model Vanessa Quiroga, who dare to be our Eva in such a difficult photo, far away of what she was used to do in the past in the fashion world.

Our main handicap was to find the right moment to schedule the shooting, so it fit with all our agendas. Indeed we had to delay the posting of the extended story many times due to this. But as it’s said, good things take time.

Another issue was to find a good location that fits with the scene we wanted to show. Rafa was the responsible for this, he found out a zone close to the Delicia’s Bridge in Seville that was similar to what we were looking for, with bad shape and rocky remains. The issue was that when we arrived, the day of the shooting, the cleaning public service had already removed the rocky remains. Even so, we pushed forward our creativity to find the desired effect anyways.

Once we were settled in the work zone we divided into two teams. For one side Karolina started working with Vanessa to prepare her with makeup and the effects we wanted. Vanessa couldn’t believe the final result, she was like “That’s really me?” Meanwhile, Rafa and me were checking the different options of the location, positions and places where to put the camera. We did different light tests, as was night already, so we had to find the combination that could offer the best results for what we were aiming.

Once Vanessa was ready we started the shooting in the different places determined as good ones. It was so important that she had a good position, with her body, her expression, we took care of all details to get the best pictures possible. In this stage Rafa was the leading captain giving directions, while Karolina and me were working as lightning assistants.

After tons of pictures we did a quick view of them to be sure we had enough that could fulfill our demands to be the chosen one. It was time to gather all our stuff, do a last team photo and go back home to start the next stage, choose the final photo and initiate postproduction.

In that stage Rafa was the main star too. After selecting the best thirty pics we argued about which one was the one closer to my view. At the end, the election was clear, there was a photo shining over the rest. In that moment Rafa focused to improve it with digital magic so we could have the best photo possible. One that could show perfectly the moment of the story I wanted to tell you.

The result can be viewed together with the extended content ‘Eva: Tears of sorrow’ if you still haven’t read it. Come on go and do it. Remember, this content is only available for the readers that have already finished Mark of Odin: The Awakening and are registered in our site (with the Online Pass Level I).

Xavier Marcé