Earth's Geolocalized Map - Level 0 | La marca de Odín

Earth's Geolocalized Map - Level 0

This is a geolocalized map from Earth with the main locations and interests points for Mark of Odin: The Awakening that can be known by all users that still haven’t read the book. That’s the reason you will find only few places to know for now…

To discover all relevant places from the first book you will have to reach the Level 1 map once you finish the book in Odinpedia’s Volume 1. Each location or relevant place comes with a description, images or even videos.

In this first map you will find the following key places:

  • European Aerospace Center of Seville
  • City of Seville
  • High Engineering School of Seville
  • Moron Air Base
  • Area 51 – Groom Lake Air Base
  • Airport of Seville

English version of the map coming soon…