Juan Aguilera | La Marca de Odín

Juan Aguilera

Comandante Juan Aguilera


  • Name
    Juan Aguilera
  • Nationality
  • Birth date
    May 11, 1970
  • Status
    Married with Carmen Pérez
  • Family
    A daughter, María
  • Profession
    Commander of the 111th Diablos de Hispania Squadron, ALA 11, Morón Air Base


Squadron Commander Juan Aguilera is another of the great figures in active of the Spanish Air Force. He is the commander of the one of the best air combat squadrons of all the NATO. He is a great reference in leadership and military tactics.

No one would have said that when he was just a teenager living in a small village of Seville province. He came from a poor family and his only aspirations were working in the land and help his friends in the village. All changed when he was asked to do the obligatory military service. After doing his instruction he was destined to Zaragoza Air Base. There he was astonished when he saw the new American F-18 combat fighters. Something changed inside him, an unstoppable hunger unable to control it. He need to fly and become a combat pilot.

Despite his humble origin, Juan Aguilera impressed all his officers due to his great potential and ambition in crafting his own career inside the Air Force. After great efforts, the young Lieutenant Aguilera was the first graduated in his promotion and was destined to Morón Air Base. There he joined the newly created 111 ‘Diablos de Hispania’ Squadron, under the command of the Captain Guillermo Odén.

Soon his flying skills were noticeable. His clear mind able to move before their rivals reacted in any maneuver earned him the callsign ‘Lynx’. He was worthy enough to be selected for a special collaboration program with the USAF in 2001. Then he was moved to the VFA-32 ‘Swordsmen’ from the USAF to participate in combat operations in Afghanistan. Was there where he met for first time Captain Jack Preston and Lieutenant Derek Chapman. He forged a great friendship with the two that got stronger when they were destined to Moron Air Base later.

Since then he was promoted many times until reaching the Commander rank of his loved ‘Diablos de Hispania’ Squadron, after being second in command of Colonel Guillermo Odén. He could have been promoted and probably now he would be a Colonel in charge of all the ALA 11. But Juan can’t imagine his life without flying combat fighters every day. He hates office and bureaucratic work. That’s the reason that he wanted to keep his rank. That’s what makes him happy, be the commander of the best pilots of the Spanish Air Force. Knowing that in the moment arrives, they would be the ones setting the difference.