María Luces | La marca de Odín

María Luces


  • Name
    María Luces
  • Nationality
  • Birth date
    March 7, 1987
  • Status
  • Profession
    Auxiliary Journalist in the National Public TV.


For Maria Luces, being able to be in the middle of the breaking news has been always her great goal in life. Achieving that everyone in the world finds out what happens every day from her words is what she has been always looking for. But since she finished University as a Journalist things haven’t evolved as she dreamed.

This beautiful girl from Seville, with sculptural body, has been the past two years from non-paid practices to abusive jobs from one side to another. After trying to get the fame in Madrid she has returned to Seville, almost thinking in surrender. It was that time when she thought again about trying the Fashion world, taking benefit of her presence and beauty.

That would have been her fate if things didn’t change recently, after being offered a temporary substitution in the National Public TV. Maria is not going to miss this chance and she is willing to give her best to get the news that will throw her to the journalistic podium.

Still, fate keeps evading her and right now she has to be happy with the coverage of local news without any relevance. Waiting patiently the big moment to arrive, the moment where she, María Luces, will stand the difference.