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Behind Mark of Odin #14: Releasing a saga I

Today I change the mood with the Behind Mark of Odin series compared with the latest issues. This time I’m going to talk about how was the release in Spain, which fits with the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the War of the Worlds radio show. So there’s no better way to honor it than revealing you the secrets behind the release of Mark of Odin in Spain!

Behind Mark of Odin #09: Eva's photo

In this new issue of Behind Mark of Odin I’m going to talk about the production process to recreate the special photography that comes with the extended story of ‘Eva: tears of sorrow’. For first time in our extended universe we decided to use a real composition, instead of illustrations. We wanted to recreate in real life one of the scenes told in this story. Now you can discover how we did it.

Behind Mark of Odin #06: Interview to Manuel Rico

In this new issue of ‘Behind Mark of Odin’ we talk with Manuel Rico, responsible of the visual effects and edition of our promotional video #DesastreSevilla. In this interview you will meet him, hs background and how he created this spectacular video. This interview was first posted in Spanish back in January 2013.