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Moron Air Base

Moron Air Base origins start in 1940, when the works for the Vázques Sagastizábal Military Air Base, its original name, began. Since then the base has had different functions and has been the home for different wings of the Spanish Air Force.

European Aerospace Center - EAC

The idea behind creating a new European Aerospace Center was born from the need of gather efforts from NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency). After the international economic crisis and NASA’s failure in finding a replacement for their space shuttles, it was clear that the only way to keep moving forward in the space race was a strong alliance between NASA and ESA. Otherwise, they could be relegate to a secondary position by emerging countries like China.

Area 51 - Base aérea de Groom Lake

Despite most of people know these facilities from the USAF with the name of AREA 51, its real name is Groom Lake Air Base. Since 1940’s decade, after being stablished as an artillery and bombing test center during the Second World War, has been part of the popular imagination as a place where UFO’s are being stored or mysterious spaceships are being tested. Nothing more far from the truth.


Seville has always been a cultural center for many different cultures. You can find archaeological remains from Phoenicians, Cartesians, Tartessians, Roman, Visigoths or Arabic people. That multicultural influence has setup a city that has always been open to connect with cultures from all around the world.