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Islamic Caliphate As-Saffah

The Islamic Caliphate As-Saffah, or simply As-Saffah, is perhaps the bloodiest and most powerful terrorist group in the whole world nowadays. Its proliferation has been quick and very virulent, raising thousands of followers in a very short time, managing to extend its tentacles through a good part of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and with cells infiltrated in Europe and North America.

Blackfire Security

Blackfire Security es quizás una de las empresas militares privadas más grandes del mundo. Aunque su designación sigue siendo un tanto confusa, pues algunos llaman a este tipo de compañías como de seguridad privada, otros como de contratistas militares, mientras los más detractores las tachan directamente de mercenarias. Habitando en un espacio que va entre lo legal y lo ilegal, este tipo de organizaciones han sido utilizadas por numerosas multinacionales y países.

The Legion

The Spanish Legion, more directly known as 'La Legión', is a military force that was created in 1920 by José Millán-Astray with the original name of 'Tercios de Extranjería'. Is together with the BRIPAC (Light Infantry Parachute Brigade) one of the most reputable elite units in the Spanish Army.

111th Squadron- Diablos de Hispania

At the end of the 90s, the Spanish Air Force was in the process of reorganization and restructuration to improve its efficiency and operability. Fruit of it was the removal, merging and creation of different Combat Wings and squadrons. This is how Ala 11 was born, destined to be the most important combat operative group in Spain. For that reason, the best pilots of the different air squadrons were recruited to create a new one, destined to be the elite of the Spanish sky. The famous 111th Squadron - Diablos de Hispania was born.

Party for the Union (PU)

At the end of 2007, shortly before the January 2008’s general elections of Spain, the general social displeasure with the political class was evident. While the biggest international economic crisis since the famous crack of 29 made a dent in the world and, with special harshness, in Spain, both the government and the opposition parties did nothing but launch accusations at each other without proposing solutions for the future. The Spanish people had completely lost faith in their leaders and this was reflected in the polls, voting massively blank. Something completely unheard of in the history of modern democracy.