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Lara Sánchez

If there was something clear for Lara Sánchez was that she wanted to be the best in her field and that nothing will stand in front of her personal ambition. Raised in a middleclass family, she was the younger of five kids and the only daughter. Since child her family wanted to teach her their conservative traditions, so she could find the right man to marry and be the perfect housewife.

Alfonso Galiano

Alfonso Galiano was only three years old when an image was saved in his retina forever. He was in the sofa in his house with his parents, watching the old black and white TV that they had in these times. He was watching the astronaut Neil Armstrong descending from the Apollo XI and touch the ground on the Moon. That view fascinated him in a way that he couldn’t stop dreaming with the Space, to become an astronaut and build spaceships to travel across the universe…

Robert P. Giles

Robert P. Giles is currently the Chief of Staff of the USAF. He cames from a rich family with a military tradition since the Civil War. As he has told more than once, he was raised in a house full of rifles, bayonets and all weaponry from his ancestors, in his huge manor outside Washington D.C.

Juan Aguilera

Comandante Juan AguileraSquadron Commander Juan Aguilera is another of the great figures in active of the Spanish Air Force. He is the commander of the one of the best air combat squadrons of all the NATO. He is a great reference in leadership and military tactics.

General Echevarría

Brigade General Diego Echeverría is a living legend in the Spanish Air Force. An old dinosaur as some say, but the living spirit of the values of the Armed Forces, others say too. What is clear is that he belongs to the old school and everyone respect him with reverence.

James Curtis

Born in Hudson, Columbia, New York, Lieutenant James Curtis moved to New York with his family when he was ten. They lived in Queen’s district where he had a normal childhood and was able to enjoy his passion for the baseball and the Mets.


Tristán is the younger brother of Luis and you could say that is a common teenager from Seville. Despite his attractive look, with a long blonde hair and intense blue eyes, he is shy. Since child he has been really closer to Luis, so his absence, after leaving the family home to live alone, it’s making feel him sad.

Derek Chapman

Captain Derek Chapman has always been a soldier, a lover of flying with a jet fighter and the good Cuban cigars. Born in Los Angeles he enlisted in the USAF with only eighteen. After being one of the first pilots of his promotion in the Academy he was transferred to VFA-32 ‘Swordsmen’ squadron, where he met who will become his best friend and flying partner, Jack Preston.

Kira Takeda

Kira Takeda is without doubt the best promise from the USAF. The first of his promotion at the USAF Academy, he has distinguished himself in all fields to become the best combat fighter pilot in story. From calculations, mathematics, physics, to a peerless piloting skills for any combat plane. To not mention his unborn gift to do impossible maneuvers that has caused more than one trouble to him with his superiors.


Luis is an outstanding guy. Since he was child has proved a great skill to be the first in many activities, either intellectual or physical ones. You have to add his character, sincere, extrovert and with a great leadership ability with others. He was born in Seville and as far as he knows his family has been there for a while, despite his physical traits are more similar to the people from the North.