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Mark of Odin saga has sold more than 150,000 books worldwide

LMDO-150K-ES-bannerbox.jpgThe XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that Mark of Odin saga has managed to overcome the barrier of 150,000 books worldwide between its paperback, ebook and audiobook editions. These #MarcadosporOdín come from both direct sales and through the main external platforms such as Amazon, Google, Apple or Kobo.


Letter from the Author #88: 11 years of Mark of Odin and the XaviVerso

CartadelAutor88-XaviVerso-EN.jpgToday marks the eleventh anniversary of the official launch of Mark of Odin and what would mean the seed to create the XaviVerso. It is incredible how time has passed so quickly, but also everything that has been achieved. We have grown so much, in ways I never would have imagined, and I have been able to do so thanks to all your support.


The author Xavier Marcé signs with Squirrel Communication and Culture in Vietnam

Fimacontrato XMV-Squirrel Vietnam Mayo 2023.jpg Squirrel Communication and Culture. SCC.JSC. literary agency and the author Xavier Marcé have announced their collaboration agreement so that his works can reach the public in Vietnam. With more than 140,000 readers around the world in Spanish and English, the author Xavier Marcé wants that the Mark of Odin saga and The Stone Lotus thriller expand to the Vietnamese market.


Mark of Odin has more than 140,000 readers in all formats

LMDO-140K-ES-bannerbox.jpgAbout to end the tour of Asia by the author Xavier Marcé to publicize the saga of Mark of Odin, we celebrate an important milestone: Exceeding 140,000 readers between print, ebook and audiobook all over the world! So far in 2023, more than 10,000 people have decided to join the #MarkedbyOdin to help us continue to grow.


Letter from the Author #86: Second Expedition to Asia

CartadelAutor86-EN.jpgDear #MarcadosporOdín and XaviVerso fans, we inaugurate the first Letter from the Author of 2023 and number 86 since I started this tradition. This is the first one that will make the leap to be officially addressed to all my XaviVerso readers, whether they are from The Mark of Odin or The Stone Lotus. I also want to use it to confirm something that I had anticipated months ago… I am embarking on a new Asian adventure!


Mark of Odin saga exceeds 130,000 readers in print, ebook and audiobooks

LMDO-130K-EN-bannerbox.jpgWe started the year 2023 strong in Mark of Odin, finally reaching the important milestone of 130,000 readers of the saga in total, between print, ebook and audiobook. If we add up all the readers who have decided to buy our paper and digital books in our store, or on external platforms, we get closer and closer to the challenge of 150,000.