Legal Terms

Dear user #MarkedbyOdin we want to let you know that we have updated and adapted our legal terms, privacy policy and options throughout the website of to adapt to the requirements of the RGPD, General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union, which it was approved on April 27, 2016 (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, Directive 95/46 / CE).

That is why we expressly affirm that we comply with and are subject to the RGPD. Below you can see the conditions of use and privacy, both for registered users and for those not registered.

General conditions of use


In accordance with the duty of information set forth in Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce in its Article 10, this website is identified by the following data:

  • Ownership: Xavier Marcé Vila
  • NIF: 46543349C
  • Address: Plaza del Carmen 7, CP 41960, Gines, Seville, Spain

The owner is also responsible of all personal data management for all users at


When you access the web, you attribute the status of BASIC USER (as opposed to the registered user), and therefore accept the General Conditions of Use that are detailed below.


A.- General

Due to the free navigation that is provided by the web in the sections determined for this purpose, the USER will only provide their data in a totally voluntary manner, a situation that we request is not carried out, except through the “Contact” form or through the BASIC REGISTRY.

In any case, the USER is informed that the data is processed for the following purposes:

  • Surveillance and safeguarding the compliance of an adequate and ethical conduct by the users.
  • Realization of internal statistical and historical studies by the web
  • Making communications of interest to users whenever they are requested by them.
  • Sending electronic communications to which the USER has previously subscribed (RSS, MAIL, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TUENTI etc …).

All users who establish some type of communication, either through the forms located on the web, or through alternative channels, should know that their data may be collected for processing by the website Mark of Odin. They will see information about this in every formulary.

B. Data transfer

The data collected by Mark of Odin will not be transferred to third companies in any case, except that:

  • Medie prior request by the portal to the interested party and this expresses its agreement.
  • When they refer to the exceptions contemplated by the RGPD.
  • Through contracting with third-party companies, for analysis services, for purely statistical purposes and to improve the service.

Currently, these services are managed through Google Analytics, web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (” Google “), that to carry out this management, on your PC, will install Cookies with identical functions to those already mentioned and to which you can object directly from the options of your browser.

C. Data quality

The website Mark of Odin informs users of the obligation to correctly update the data provided and processed in the file called Basic Users, which includes those users who are not registered on the main website. These data must be adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. The portal is excluded from all those negative consequences derived from inaccuracies in them.

In turn, users are informed of the impossibility of registering and / or communicating data of third parties on their behalf, by means of the stipulated forms of communication, unless there is a legally constituted representation.

D. Rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation of data

In accordance with the RGPD and its development regulations, any user who has provided data to the Odin brand, has the following rights that may be exercised:

  • Access
  • Rectification
  • Cancellation
  • Opposition

To make use of them, or for any type of legal consultation derived from the use of group, Mark of Odin makes available to the users the email address

E. Communication to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

The data you provide to the website are included in our files registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD). The AEPD is in charge of ensuring compliance with the laws on privacy and data protection and ensuring the security and privacy of your data in general and especially on the Internet


From the web, different information and links that may be of interest to the user are provided, which is committed to making proper use of the contents and services that they offer and with an enunciative but not limiting character, not to use them for following activities:

  • I – Engaging in illicit activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order through them.
  • II – Disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal character, advocating terrorism or violating human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • III – Cause any type of damage in the systems of the web of its suppliers or third parties, enter or spread in the network computer viruses, Trojans or any other systems that are susceptible or able to generate the referred damages.

The website La Marca de Odín by itself or as an assignee, is the owner of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the web, as well as the elements contained in it (sound, audio, video, images, software and others, serving this only for illustrative purposes) and of which all rights are reserved or, where appropriate, that of their licensors, being expressly forbidden the use by third parties, in accordance with the current Intellectual Property regulations (Royal Legislative Decree 1 / 1996, of April 12) without formal consent on the part of its holders.

The user must refrain from deleting, altering, avoiding or changing any protection device or security system that was installed on the web. In this regard, the website reserves the right to exercise both criminal and civil actions to protect these rights against third parties.


The website, La Marca de Odín is not responsible for the damages derived from the use of the website due to improper use, as well as for the common uses of these, provided that the due diligence has existed on the part of the company.


The website La Marca de Odín reserves the right to make the changes it deems appropriate without prior notice on its website, being able to modify, delete or introduce both content and services that are provided by them, as well as the provision of them in the Web.


On the web, the following third-party cookies are used, for non-registered users, and only statistical purposes are used in this website, statistical cookies are used, specifically in this case, we use Google Analytics, of which You can get more information through this link. Notwithstanding the above, it is possible that through your browser configure the use of the aforementioned cookies, and may even block them.


On the web, “links” or hyperlinks are used to associate with other websites, on these, the group expressly disclaims responsibility for its validity, legality and content, since they are alien to us, it being clear that these links do not they suppose confusion, fusion or any relation with the linked sites, as it is gathered in the own conditions of use.


The website The Brand of Odin reserves the right of exclusion with respect to access to the web, that is, to block access to the web to all USERS who fail to comply with these General Conditions of use. Said exclusion may be carried out at our request or that of a third party, without the need for prior notice to the blocked user, which, however, shall be treated beforehand. In this same sense, we will pursue in pursuit of legality, the breach of these conditions of use, exercising for it the various civil and criminal actions that protect in Law.


This website complies with the legislation applicable in Spain and with it the courts that are competent in case of conflict. However, in the event that there is the possibility of abiding by a specific jurisdiction, the USER expressly waives his or her right to be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Seville, Spain.


The Marca de Odín reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Use as long as they are necessary. In this sense, the date of last modification will appear in the header of the same and will have an unlimited validity in time until they are modified by others that are conveniently published. However, it undertakes to notify through its website, each change in them when they are made.


The basic users of the web will be all visitors to the site who will provide any personal data to it, and especially those users who access the registered basic user section, through which they will be able to access basic information. of the forums that make up the web, the consultation forum and the online shop enabled on the web. With respect to the same, will abide to determined in the privacy section of these general conditions of use.

Conditions Use The Odin Mark for registered users

Through this registration, you become a registered user of the website The Brand of Odin, therefore, you accept the conditions of use that are generally determined in it. To proceed with your registration, you must enter the validation code provided with your “Mark of Odin Online Pass”, which can only be entered once per copy. In turn with this registration you accept the specific conditions as a registered user thereof, which are detailed below:


A) Non-commercial nature of communications.

The data that you provide in the access to the web will only be used to facilitate the information that the user may require through the system, in such a way that we promise not to send commercial communications as well as information not requested by the user, unless the same be required by this.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will send you weekly information on the news of the web, promotions and contests that will be gestating in it.

B) Exercise of ARCO Rights.

As a registered user on the web, you are protected by the rights of access, cancellation, opposition and rectification contemplated by the LOPD. In this sense, to exercise them, you must contact the company through the address,

All user data will be kept until the end of the contractual relationship and, subsequently, during the legally required periods.

C) Quality of the Data.

Under the provisions of the RGDP, the data entered into the system must be real and qualified, so that these data must be adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. The portal is excluded from all those negative consequences derived from inaccuracies in them.

In turn, users are informed of the impossibility of registering and / or communicating data of third parties on their behalf, by means of the stipulated forms of communication, unless there is a legally constituted representation.

D) Data Record

The data provided by users who proceed to register on the web, will be transferred to a file, according to the Organic Law 15/1991, to be registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), with the name of REGISTERED USERS .

E) Use of Cookies.- On the website Mark of Odin, cookies are used, they are the following:

On the one hand, session cookies, by which your team will be identified for the indicated purposes, for which, said element will be associated with your browser throughout the web browsing for the improvement of the user experience .

In turn, we use statistical cookies from third parties, in this case, derived from Google Analitycs, and from which you can learn more through the following link. Analitycs However, you can always manage the use of them through your browser, as well as delete and block them if desired.

F) Data Transfer:

The website Mark of Odin undertakes not to transfer the data registered in the web in any case, except in the cases expressly contemplated by the RGPD or through contracting with third parties, for analysis services, for purely statistical purposes and improvement of the service or through the request of express consent to the affected users.


As a registered user, he / she commits to the following, being able to be temporarily or permanently blocked by the administrators, in the event that:

A) Spam

Do not send SPAM or commercial communications of any kind through the communication channels established for this purpose for registered users.

B) Use of tools

Make an appropriate use and in accordance with the legality of the tools and resources provided by the web, expressly abstaining from violating the security measures established for that purpose by the web, as well as introducing any type of malware, trojan or computer virus in the same .

C) Correction and Education

Treat the rest of users, administrators and company with the education and respect necessary for the proper functioning of the service, abstaining from the use of abusive, insulting or similar expressions.

D) Other

Any type of activity that may imply a breach of current regulations, whether of a civil or criminal nature that is made through a registered user will mean the immediate blocking of the same, as well as the reservation of legal actions by the company against the same.

Failure to comply with any of these duties may result in the user being blocked from the service as well as the IP address, however, prior to this, provided that the Administration of the website deems appropriate, a prior request for the cessation of its activity and even, the temporary suspension of the user account.


The website is configured with a achievement system to which registered users can access, with respect to them, the access conditions are the following:

  • A) To access the system of achievements is a prerequisite for prior registration in it, which is carried out with the access code found in your copy of the saga “Mark of Odin.”
  • B) The system of achievements is configured through a virtual currency, with the name of Rune, to achieve it, you will have to carry out the various challenges that we propose, and with this, you can get them.
  • C) The website reserves the right to modify the system of achievements at the time it deems appropriate depending on the needs of the service, convenience or technical requirements.
  • D) The prizes achieved by the rune system may be varied from the system without prior notice, as well as their cost and characteristics.
  • E) The web is committed to provide the awards obtained through the system of achievements to the extent of their existence, in case of non-existence, the web reserves the right to change it to another of similar characteristics at the discretion thereof .
  • F) In the event that the website has evidence of fraud or illicit uses in the achievement of the runes or achievements, reserves the right to cancel those obtained by this way, as well as to punish the user who has managed it with the loss of all obtained, and even the banning of the web.

4) Intellectual Property of the Work:

All content that the registered user uploads to the web and the different forums that comprise it, remains the property of the author, however, with its hosting, and mere practical and legal effects, grants a license to use these contents, not transferable , not economically evaluable and not remunerable, to be able to make use of it on the web, of which the web reserves its use for the appropriate purposes.

With respect to the content stored in it, whether graphic, visual, audio-visual or sound, uploaded by the website itself, it reserves all the rights of the work for private use, except in cases where certain works are established with different criteria, which will be reported in them.