Mark of Odin

Mark of Odin

Saga de La marca de Odín

The writer Xavier Marcé began designing the Mark of Odin book series in 2005-2006, publishing its first book in Spanish, The Awakening, in July 2012. Since then he has published the next two books in the saga, as well as several bonus chapters and dozens of extended stories.

Since 2012, Mark of Odin saga has managed to seduce more than 160,000 readers around the world and has remained at the top of the science fiction and Norse mythology rankings on the main digital platforms.

The Mark of Odin saga is much more than a series of books, it is a transmedia universe that continues to grow after completing the reading of each novel. On our portal, registered readers will be able to indicate that they have completed the reading to earn exclusive achievements.

By doing so they will gain access to the Extended Universe, with which they can enjoy bonus chapters and extended stories that connect the events of each book. In short, readers will be able to savor “literary tapas” seasoned with transmedia content, to continue enjoying the story while waiting for the next book.

Currently, the Extended Universe represents more than 500 pages of additional story to the included in the three published books.

The Mark of Odin saga is part of the 1st Line of the XaviVerso, the literary universe of author Xavier Marcé where everything is connected.