Seville | La Marca de Odín



  • Location: 37º 22' 50" North, 5º 59' 47" West.
  • Year of foundation: 2.000 B.C. aprox.


Seville has always been a cultural center for many different cultures. You can find archaeological remains from Phoenicians, Cartesians, Tartessians, Roman, Visigoths or Arabic people. That multicultural influence has setup a city that has always been open to connect with cultures from all around the world.

Despite hosting the World Expo in 1929 and 1992, the city had a stagnancy at the end of the past century. The situation got worse with the international economic crisis in 2007. After integral changes in all Spain, after the national elections of 2008 the city started to suffer a new golden age. Seville was designated as the place to build the new and ambitious European Aerospace Center, which is behind of part of its economic restoration. Since then the city has become not only in a tourism interest but one of the most important investigation and aerospace technology development of the world.

Not everyone is happy with these changes. Many voices claim that this technology wave is putting is risk the cultural and historic riches of Seville. Anyways, its citizens keep living, working and enjoying their fun. Especially with important celebrations and the Holy Week and the popular April’s Faire.

The importance of Seville its clear after being selected to host in 2012 the great celebration for the Día de la Hispanidad. Either the new Spanish government or the citizens await the event to show the world how the country has been restored and the good level of relationships with their European partners and the United States of America.