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Volumen 0

Islamic Caliphate As-Saffah

The Islamic Caliphate As-Saffah, or simply As-Saffah, is perhaps the bloodiest and most powerful terrorist group in the whole world nowadays. Its proliferation has been quick and very virulent, raising thousands of followers in a very short time, managing to extend its tentacles through a good part of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and with cells infiltrated in Europe and North America.

Rifle de asalto G36

The G36 assault rifle was designed by the Heckler & Koch company in the 90’s in Germany to replace the old HK G3. Its development started from the need of the German Bundeswehr and the Armed Forces of Spain to replace their regulatory rifles. The old veteran rifle CETME, for Spain, and in the HK G3 for Germany.

Blackfire Security

Blackfire Security es quizás una de las empresas militares privadas más grandes del mundo. Aunque su designación sigue siendo un tanto confusa, pues algunos llaman a este tipo de compañías como de seguridad privada, otros como de contratistas militares, mientras los más detractores las tachan directamente de mercenarias. Habitando en un espacio que va entre lo legal y lo ilegal, este tipo de organizaciones han sido utilizadas por numerosas multinacionales y países.

Lara Sánchez

If there was something clear for Lara Sánchez was that she wanted to be the best in her field and that nothing will stand in front of her personal ambition. Raised in a middleclass family, she was the younger of five kids and the only daughter. Since child her family wanted to teach her their conservative traditions, so she could find the right man to marry and be the perfect housewife.

F/A-18 Hornet

The F/A-18 Super Hornet is the advanced and evolved version of the classic F/A-18 Hornet, a multipurpose fighter developed in the United States that has been the cornerstone of not only its air forces but also for many other countries, including Spain.

Alfonso Galiano

Alfonso Galiano was only three years old when an image was saved in his retina forever. He was in the sofa in his house with his parents, watching the old black and white TV that they had in these times. He was watching the astronaut Neil Armstrong descending from the Apollo XI and touch the ground on the Moon. That view fascinated him in a way that he couldn’t stop dreaming with the Space, to become an astronaut and build spaceships to travel across the universe…

F-22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor is a super-maneuverable single-seat fighter with twin engines that uses Stealth technology, which makes it more difficult to detect by radar, developed in the United States of America. Its design was thought primarily to be an air superiority fighter plane, although it can also serve as ground attack, electronic warfare and reconnaissance missions.

A400M Atlas

The Airbus A400M is a new generation military transport and tanker aircraft with which several European countries, including Spain, have modernized their air forces. The A400M is powered by four turboprop engines and its design responds to the needs of supplying the needs of air transport logistics and troops of the countries that belong to its program.