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Cartas del autor

Letter from the Author #88: 11 years of Mark of Odin and the XaviVerso

CartadelAutor88-XaviVerso-EN.jpgToday marks the eleventh anniversary of the official launch of Mark of Odin and what would mean the seed to create the XaviVerso. It is incredible how time has passed so quickly, but also everything that has been achieved. We have grown so much, in ways I never would have imagined, and I have been able to do so thanks to all your support.


Letter from the Author #82: 10 years of Mark of Odin

CartadelAutor82-EN.jpgDear #MarkedbyOdin, it seems unbelievable, it seems like a dream, but… Mark of Odin celebrates its tenth launch anniversary today! I can't believe that ten years have passed since the crazy day I finally dared to share this impossible dream that I had been preparing for several years. So today, if you allow me the license and the emotion that comes out of my skin, I am going to expand on everything I feel right now. Let's go to the fight!


Letter from the Author #81: The return of the Author

CartadelAutor81-EN-XM.jpgDear #MarkedbyOdin, more than two months have passed since my last #LetterfromtheAuthor in which I told you about my imminent Asian adventure. Well, today I start with the opposite. I just got back to Spain! So, if you think so, I'll update you on what has happened in these weeks and what is yet to come for all of you regarding Mark of Odin.


Letter from the Author #78: Countdown for pioneers


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, after the big reveal that the final draft of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok had been completed, we didn't stop for a second. A month ago, and in these weeks a lot has been happening. It's time to share them with you, now that the final countdown for the pioneers of Ragnarok is getting closer and closer.


Letter from the Author #76: Nine years fighting for a dream


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, on July 11th Mark of Odin project will celebrate its ninth anniversary since its official release. It was on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 when we published Mark of Odin: The awakening in Spain and we launched the first version of the online platform that supports this transmedia literary project with gamification characteristics.