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Cartas del autor

Letter from the Author #80: The Asiatic Adventure

CartadelAutor80-EN-XM.jpgDear #MarkedbyOdin, after several months I return with a new #LetterfromtheAuthor very special to me. And it is that, after this surreal entry of the year 2022, in which our reality seems to become even more dystopian, many things are coming for me, both personally and professionally.


Letter from the Author #78: Countdown for pioneers


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, after the big reveal that the final draft of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok had been completed, we didn't stop for a second. A month ago, and in these weeks a lot has been happening. It's time to share them with you, now that the final countdown for the pioneers of Ragnarok is getting closer and closer.


Letter from the Author #76: Nine years fighting for a dream


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, on July 11th Mark of Odin project will celebrate its ninth anniversary since its official release. It was on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 when we published Mark of Odin: The awakening in Spain and we launched the first version of the online platform that supports this transmedia literary project with gamification characteristics.


Letter from the Author #74: Towards Ragnarok and Book's Month


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, almost two months have passed since the last Letter from the Author, and there are many things to tell you about Mark of Odin and its immediate future. This start of 2021 is striving not to fall behind 2020 and we continue to face the worst possible conditions. Even so, that has not stopped us and I feel more determined than ever to turn the situation around and make this saga grow like never before.


Letter from the Author #73: Composing the End of Times


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, it is time for the first letter from the author of 2021, to catch up on the start of the year that, as you have seen, has been the craziest. At this rate the only thing missing is that before the end of the month we have a zombie pandemic, the vampire uprising, the gates of hell open and... Even a real invasion of the Hekkars!



Letter from the Author #70: An Autumn full of challenges

CartadelAutor70-EN.jpgDear #MarkedbyOdin, we are just leaving summer behind and welcoming autumn, although the heat is still tightening in Seville. A month and a half have passed since the last letter and we have to share what we have done in these intense weeks and what is looming on the horizon. Let's see what this time has given of itself!