Heroes of Seville #04: The Witness

Today at Noticias Directo TV we want to resume our series of chronicles about the ‘Heroes of Seville’ telling the story of Rocío, one of the security employees at the Alamillo park in Seville. Our colleague Esperanza Díaz is with her right now to make a live connection with our show in a few moments. But before talking to Rocío, we are going to tell you her story. This woman, only thirty-two years old, has been an employee for six years in a security company in charge of guarding several public parks in Seville. Of humble origins, Rocío left school at the age of sixteen to work. Until she was twenty-six, she had all kinds of jobs, from cleaner to supermarket cashier, waitress and teleoperator. It was not until six years ago that Rocío was lucky enough to be admitted to her current company, which finally gave her the job stability that she had been looking for so long.

Since then Rocío has become a well-known character in the Alamillo park in Seville. She is always attentive to helping visitors, whether they are families who are going to spend the day or people who are going to play sports or simply enjoy her surroundings. If we are talking to her today it is because of her decisive performance during the evening of the #SevilleDisaster, facilitating the evacuation of the park and ensuring that no one was locked inside it while the bloody battle took place in the skies of Seville.

There are many testimonies collected on social media praising the work of Rocío who, to the detriment of her integrity, made the decision to continue in the park looking for stragglers despite the fact that the local police had ordered her to leave it. This is how she managed to find Carlos and Patricia, two children aged six and seven who, with the chaos of the attack, were separated from their  parents. Thanks to Rocío’s tenacity, they were able to reunite safely and did not have to mourn a tragedy. But Rocío not only saved people, our colleague Esperanza Díaz tells us that she also witnessed a shocking event that will bring great light to some of the biggest questions that we have all asked ourselves since the night of the attack. Who are the mysterious saviors who appeared at the last moment and disappeared after the destruction of the abominable alien ship 2012 UA?

Without further delay, we connect live with Esperanza Díaz and Rocío, both located at one of the entrances to the Alamillo park in Seville…

‘Good afternoon to all the viewers of Noticias Directo TV. I find myself next to Rocío, one of the many people who stood out during what was known as #SevillaDisaster for her heroism,’ says Esperanza Díaz.

‘Good afternoon Rocío, you should know that our Twitter and Facebook are fuming with the comments of thanks and congratulations for your performance,’ says the Noticias Directo TV journalist.

‘Good afternoon, I just did what I thought was right,’ says Rocío, visibly nervous.

‘Before going into detail about the people you saved and your great work evacuating visitors from the park, we would like you to explain to us again what you have already told our colleague Esperanza, what did she see that night?’ the journalist asks inquisitively.

‘Well, as I already told her, after leaving the two kids I had found with their parents and the local police, I decided to go back on another round to look for more people. The truth is that I was very scared, since in the sky only flashes and the thunderous noise of explosions could be seen. I covered half the park without any setbacks, but at one of the bends in the path I had taken, I lost the balance of my motorcycle when a plane, or something like that, passed over my head at high speed. I went down and hit myself hard, making me unconscious.’

‘Luckily you were not hurt, Rocío, but tell us, what happened when you regained consciousness? ‘ Asks the journalist.

‘There was a loud crash nearby that made me recover. I opened my eyes and saw some trees on fire. I got up as best I could and then I saw it, it was some kind of plane that had crashed just fifty meters from where I was.’

‘A plane or a spaceship?’ interrupts the journalist.

‘Well, let’s see, I’m not very good at these things, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It had nothing to do with those shitty things that attacked the city. I’ve seen some videos on the Internet and it was very different.’

‘At this point we want to clarify that we have tried to get closer to the impact point of the supposed spacecraft but it has been impossible. The entire area is fenced and protected by the military as you can see in the images.’ Esperanza Díaz bursts in.

Satellite view of the location of Parque del Alamillo in Seville

You can see a general shot of an entire perimeter fenced with wire mesh and a kind of white hard plastic that prevents you from seeing what is on the other side. Now the image changes and we see how the camera is moving, approaching a type of security access guarded by four soldiers in black uniforms. Esperanza Díaz is heard asking the soldiers something and they shake their heads and order her to leave and turn off the camera. The journalist insists but they point their weapons at her and the cameraman.

‘As you can see in the images, we encountered great hostility when we tried to approach the place and record,’ adds Esperanza Díaz indignantly.

‘This is another example of one of the major complaints that we are collecting these days, the impunity and severity of the military in charge of guarding certain parts of the city. But let’s continue with the story, what did you do then Rocío?’ Asks the journalist.

‘The truth is that nothing, I was scared shitless and I didn’t dare move from where I was. I believed that the sky would fall on us with so much explosion and lightning going from one side to the other. Until at the end there was a big flash with a very beastly sound that almost left me deaf and then I stopped hearing explosions.’

‘During that time did you see any movement of the crashed spaceship?’ The journalist was really interested in that part.

‘No, nothing. Until I got up when I thought it was all over.’

‘What happened then?’

‘ I, let’s see, wanted to get closer, but I hadn’t even gone ten meters when a strange noise came out of nowhere and a strange ship passed over my head and landed right next to the one that had crashed. I fell to the ground instantly so they wouldn’t see me, I was scared shitless.’

‘And did something or someone Rocío come out of that ship?’ Asks the journalist.

‘Well, four figures came out, they looked like people, but they were wearing some kind of armor or something like that that didn’t let me see their faces. They approached what I believe was the cabin of the device. They struggled to open it and then pulled out a body from inside. Then they threw something inside and hurried back to their ship. After that, it took off and disappeared in an instant. I was about to get up when the crashed thing exploded and I was thrown backwards. When I regained my composure I managed to get to one of the exits of the park and there some policemen helped me.’

‘What you tell us Rocío is incredible, especially because of its implications. We would like you to try to remember exactly the details of…’

The noise of several vehicles stopping abruptly very close is heard. The camera pans around and shows three black military SUVs. Several soldiers in black military uniforms and carrying assault rifles get out of them. One of them, tall, stocky and with a shaved head, approaches the cameraman.

‘Stop the recording right now and come with us!’ He blurts out, looking at Rocío.

‘But what did you think, I’m a journalist, you can’t do this!’ Esperanza Díaz  yells.

The journalist tries to get between Rocío and the soldiers but one of them violently pushes her away from her, throwing her to the ground. The cameraman tries to approach her to help her but is immediately intercepted by another soldier who hits the camera with the butt of her assault rifle. The connection is lost.

‘Viewers, we have no idea what has happened but we are going to try to reconnect as soon as possible with our colleague Esperanza Díaz and we assure you that this act of military brutality will not go unpunished. We are going to raise to the highest levels our energetic protest against this aberration that you have all witnessed. Unfortunately, as we have already said, it is one more case in a long list of unjustifiable attitudes and procedures of these military units. We cut to a few moments of advertising while we try to contact our colleagues.’

The journalist takes the phone from him and starts dialing before the image cuts to a commercial break.