Dear #MarkedbyOdin, it seems that the summer officially, despite not in practice, is already coming to an end. It’s time to get back up to date with everything concerning The Mark of Odin so you know in what state everything is and what you can expect in the next weeks and months.

I know that many of you have been enjoying the summer, you only have to see all the photos that you have sent us with your books during the holidays, either on the beach, in the mountains or in distant countries. That you know that you have given us a lot, a lot of envy, but of the healthy one. There is nothing more beautiful for an Author than to see how his books travel around the world and are part of the landscape of all kinds of emblematic places.


In my case, although I have managed to make some other getaway, the summer has been quite intense working on several fronts. In addition to everything related to the Mark of Odin, I’m still very busy preparing the releases of Trolls vs Vikings 2 and Meganumbers in the fall. Not only that, in Megapop Games we are already working on a new game titled Fight, which will mix the action of fighting games in the purest style of Street Fighter with the strategy of Hearthstone-type cardgames that will surely give a lot to talk about.

Fight mockup.jpg

These and other factors have prevented me from focusing as I wished in facing the new contents after Road to Valhalla. Quiet, this September will be special. I will be traveling between Andalusia and Catalonia halfway between work and a pseudo vacation, but with the clear intention of focusing on writing. My idea is to be able to prepare the three bonus chapters and a series of extended stories for the coming months. So you can have some more new material to delve into the history of the saga while you wait for the next book.

In this matter this same week I have met with Manu Nieto to make a real planning of illustrations. He, like the great artist who is he, is so bussy working, but we are going to look for the formula that allows to have time for the #MarkedbyOdin so we can start moving again the whole part of the extended universe (There goes an extra dose of pressure). I have also made a round of contacts with different artists from around the world to look for a reinforcement, but at the moment without any satisfactory conclusion. It is difficult to find someone who fits the idea we have and also has a free agenda to contribute.

Mark of Odin: The Awakening sells are still low and quite unnoticed worldwide but despite of that, we are close of hitting 1,000 readers in digital platforms and we managed to hit #Top68 in Science Fiction for Amazon.com. We are thinking in new ways to be able to reach an insane and wide public as is the international English one.

To boost sales and the notoriety of the saga we will start a special promotion campaign aimed at companies starting in September. With it we hope to offer our books as ideal gifts for clients and / or employees facing Christmas or special events. So if you know of any company that might be interested please do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you all the information about the options we are going to offer. This is something that some readers have already asked us for a long time and this year we are finally going to encourage you to try it. We hope it will be successful and we will achieve the arrival of legions of # MarcadosporOdín. For English companies we are thinking what we can offer to deliver a similar promotion as we are doing for Spain.

promos empresas lmdo.jpg

Also this summer we have released the fourth generation of Mark of Odin: The awakening with the arrival of a lot of new copies as reinforcement. My intention, if I can get time, is that when this new stock is exhausted, prepare a new edition to correct the mistakes and  that are still in the book in Spanish.


Anyway, the Road to Valhalla reviews keep coming and are overwhelmingly positive, so I am happy to have achieved this great feedback after the long wait. Yes, despite the fact that now begins again the pressure to get the next book as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we have improved the options for interaction and communication with both you, the current readers, and possible potential MarcadosporOdín who want to join.

We have done that, first activating our Discord Server so you can join us to talk with me and our team directly. If you still haven’t joined, please do it with this invitation.


Second, we have finally activated a phone number (+34 671 489 690) so that new readers can call or write us through WhatsApp in case they have any questions about their order or before doing it. Keep in mind that this number will only be attended during working hours from Monday to Friday, with some exceptions.

To finish, as always, I thank you for all the support and affection that you transmit to me daily #MarkedbyOdin. Little by little, step by step, “Despacito” (remove the sound of that demon’s song), we are reaching the proposed goals and sooner or later we will be a massively recognized intellectual property. With your help it will end up being a reality. Thank you!

Remember, all is connected…

Xavier Marcé

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