Dear #MarkedbyOdin, after an irreal month of April, more close to a dystopian science fiction story, I update you on all the news about Mark of Odin in these Covid-19 days. Below you can find out in what I have been involved in and also what I am preparing you for the coming weeks.



In a “normal” universe, the month of April would have been crowned with the celebration of Book’s Day in Spain. Instead, we have restricted the sale of paper books and kept our 50% discount on the Digital Pack to continue supporting all those who are confined to their homes for most part of the month.

The situation changed with the reactivation of non essential work activity in Spain, at which point we decided to resume paper sales and bet all our efforts and resources to try to save the month with a new Book’s Day campaign. Not only with a 10% discount, but applying an additional 2€ discount to compensate that Post does not allow book shipping yet. In other words, we cannot offer you the option of free shipping.


Lectores y Dia del Libro 2020.jpg


I have to say that the response has been very positive and just the first day we had many requests. Today this campaign ends and although there are many readers who have supported us, if we compare it with last year, we are light years away. These times are very dark, practically most of you who read these lines are going through yours own issues, whether it be with temporal or permanent layoffs, cessation of activity, continuing to pay self-employed fees despite billing much less or nothing. I want to convey all my support and energy! Do not despair! Let’s not despair! We will get out of this!

Xavier Marce en tiempos del Coronavirus.jpg

As I said, the Book’s Day campaign ends today, so we will return to the “normal” prices on paper. Well, not exactly. As long as the Post restriction on sending books continues, we will keep the 2€ direct discount on paper. This may change once Post again admits these types of shipments. The same goes for the 50% discount on the Digital Pack for the Alarm State. For the moment we are going to maintain it, but it will be subject to revision according to how the much-vaunted “de-escalation” progresses.


As I promised you in my previous letter, I was going to make an effort to reactivate the release of new extended content. The first step has been to find a temporary solution to be able to offer them accompanied by new illustrations. From the hand of Infinity PBR we will be able to do it, at least as regards all the stories focused on characters. I will continue looking for more options for the contents of other categories.

At the moment, although it would be what I wanted most, we will not be able to count on Manu Nieto due to his current work and personal responsibilities. This does not mean that we do not see the final result of their productions, but we do have to wait indefinitely. An example of this is this photo that you can see below, with a very preliminary sketch of a hekkar predator that Manu started working on long ago.


Boceto render 3d Alfa de Manu Nieto.jpg


In this month we have shared four stories:

  • Brunilda: The Weight of Command
  • Alexandra’s Records #01: Hekkar Alpha Predator
  • Ismael Cuenca: The Warrior’s Rest
  • Joana Ceballos: The Indomitable Warrior

Tomorrow I will share with you a new story, Rista: The first silver twin, that will be followed by the rest of the content already completed. By the way, although I don’t even have time to breathe, I have already started to add new additional stories, the first of them being one focused on the controversial character of ‘Harlequin’. So the idea is that, to prepare a new additional wave of stories so that you have material in the coming months. And in June, if life and work allow it, try to focus on Ragnarok.


As I already told you, my priority right now is my work responsibility with Megapop Games. We are going to launch Haxity Early Access on May 26th and I have to have all my energies on it. I encourage you to add it to your wish list on Steam and if you want to play you can do so in the next beta event. You just have to request your participation in the Haxity Discord community. If you do not know this game yet, I encourage you to see its new trailer.

Haxity Early Access 1080x1080.jpg

It is time to reach the end of this letter, thanking all of you who continue to support us, sharing our publications, recommending and giving the books to your friends. Also those who take time to share your reviews in the Opinions section and, of course, those who keep us company daily in our Discord community. Thank you!

Remember, all is connected.

Xavier Marcé

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