Dear #MarkedbyOdin, we get to the end of June together with the start of a hot summer full of uncertainties, but also of hopes, within the new “reality”, more than “normality”. So the time has come to catch up on all the news from Mark of Odin, to share with you what we have been doing and what is to come.


First of all is to share that, as I already told you, that on June 17 we finally launched the Early Access of Haxity on Steam. It has been a few weeks of very intense madness that have squeezed me completely. This has been my sixth launch of a video game. And just like what happened to books, which I consider my “children”, each game has been and is a very important part of me.

Cobertura Haxity EA Release 20062020.jpg

Haxity marks my return to PC and with a project that is proving to be very exciting and incredible. I can tell you that the first impressions, both from the players and from the press, are being very overwhelmingly positive. Although being an Early Access this is only the beginning of the last stage of the road towards an official launch. If you like fighting and card games, as well as the Cyberpunk theme, so fashionable lately, I encourage you to take a look. Also, if you hurry, until Friday I am raffling five copies of the game in GoMultiplayer.

And although there is a lot of work ahead, I can tell you that from this week on I hope to recover a more human rhythm. In other words, I hope to be able to refocus mainly on Mark of Odin. This month I have had to make a stop in the production of new stories, even so I have managed to finish those of ‘Gandal: The resistant one’ and ‘Alganer: The irreverent’, with which you will get to know these two Valkyries a little better.

My goal now is to be able to continue finishing the remaining stories with which to “close” the base of the cycle of Road to Valhalla. As I have said on previous occasions, that is the requirement to be able to start the final production of Ragnarok once and for all.

Regardless, despite being completely focused on Haxity, in June we kept our commitment to sharing extended stories on a weekly basis. If you have missed them, I remind you of all the ones we have published with their respective illustrations:

  • Eskandal’s Notes # 02: The Symbiote
  • Luis: Healing the wounds
  • Freya: Forged by Fate
  • Alvit: The Historian
  • Alexandra: The Healer

In addition, I have been having some very productive meetings for one of the great news that Ragnarok will include with the artist Milena Brody. If everything goes well this summer you will already have a preview in the form of an extended story, which will serve to introduce what we are preparing for the third book of the saga. And it is that as we have already said many times, Mark of Odin is not just books, but a whole transmedia universe that does not stop growing…

On the other hand, in June we managed to reactivate sales again and get new readers to join the #MarkedbyOdin. Achieving this has not been easy, since we have had to triple the resources and time necessary to achieve the same as we achieved under normal conditions. June has become a crazy month to promote yourself and make yourself known. This is something that has not only affected us, but is global, but it poses a great threat. The rules of the game in social media continue to change giving a certain feeling of being an increasingly hostile environment for small actors.


Despite this, we will continue to strive and squeeze our brains to find new and better ways to continue spreading the saga around the world. Reflection of this is that in June Mark of Odin: The Awakening continues to take the top positions in the rankings. Today it is again, for the fourth time this month, the Top 1 of Science Fiction in Amazon Spain. And the third time it did, it managed to stay for several days. What was a dream when starting this project is becoming a routine, but no less valuable. There are thousands of free books, many of them very good. That is why getting to be at the top of the rankings is really magical.

I finish as always thanking you for reading me, for continuing to support us and making it possible for us to continue growing. Every time you refer us, share our posts, write your review of books and bonus chapters in the Feedback section, or keep us company by debating in our Discord community, you help us continue to fuel this impossible dream. Thank you very much!


I hope you can enjoy the summer. Whether on the beach, the pool or the mountains. Always with caution, but remembering that life is not just about surviving, but about living and enjoying. Be happy #MarkedbyOdin!

Remember, everything is connected.

Xavier Marcé

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