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Mark of Odin: Ragnarok ebook editions finished

Foto Kindle LMDO Ragnarok Banner.jpgMark of Odin team is pleased to announce that production has been completed on the digital editions of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok. In this way, the #RagnarokPioneers who have participated in the reservation campaign will be able to download them just as we send the printed copies.


Now available Mark of Odin: Ragnarok pre-order campaign

Banner Campaña Reserva Normal LMDO Ragnarok.jpgFollowing the incredible early-booking campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok, today we launched a new and final pre-order campaign for the book prior to its final release in December 2021. Those who couldn't join the #RagnarokPioneers will now have the chance to continue on his way to fight in the battle of the end of time... The Ragnarok!


Mark of Odin: Ragnarok Early Pre-order campaign ends with a big surprise

Anuncio Fin Ragnarok.jpgThe early pre-order campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok ended last night at 11:59 p.m. on November 7, and today we want to share a lot of news and surprises about it. For this, the author Xavier Marcé has prepared a video in which he is going to reveal great news for the #RagnarokPioneers who have participated in the campaign.


Mikael Noguchi takes the place of Michael Komark to do Mark of Odin: Ragnarok Cover Art

Anuncio Mikael Noguchi.jpgWe have some very important news to share, the Norwegian visual artist and art director Mikael Noguchi of Megapop Games will be responsible for illustrating the cover of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok. The decision has been taken after the unexpected abandonment of the project by Michael Komarck, for personal reasons that prevent him from meeting the agreed deadlines.


Now available the Early Pre-order campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok in Spanish


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, Mark of Odin team is pleased to announce that the Early Preorder Campaign for Mark of Odin: Ragnarok is now available. Until next Sunday, November 7, you will have the opportunity to reserve a unique edition of the third installment of the saga at an exclusive price for the campaign.


Letter from the Author #78: Countdown for pioneers


Dear #MarkedbyOdin, after the big reveal that the final draft of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok had been completed, we didn't stop for a second. A month ago, and in these weeks a lot has been happening. It's time to share them with you, now that the final countdown for the pioneers of Ragnarok is getting closer and closer.