The Spanish 6th Edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla is now available

The XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that the 6th Edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla is now available for free to registered readers and on external platforms. This new edition follows in the footsteps of the sixth edition of The Awakening and introduces numerous stylistic improvements, as well as several voices in the audiobook version.

Cubierta de La marca de Odín: El camino a Valhalla - Sexta Edición

In addition to the Mark of Odin portal and the XaviVerso community, the 6th Edition of Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla is now also available on Amazon, both in paper and digital, on Apple Books and both on Google Play Books and on Kobo in both ebook and audiobook. This version will be available in paper in our Collector’s Edition from the next reprint of copies once we exhaust the current stock.

Production of this edition began in September 2023, but had to be completely paralyzed due to the need to focus all our resources on the launch of XaviVerso and the new Mark of Odin portal. The audiobook version follows in the footsteps of the thriller ‘Yes, they will pass!‘ and finally includes new voices to offer a much more dynamic and entertaining experience to readers.

“Completing this edition is a great satisfaction and a sign of my efforts to improve the quality of my works thanks to the great feedback received from readers throughout all these years,” said writer Xavier Marcé. “We will continue on this path with the next production of the new edition of Mark of Odin: Ragnarok while we continue working in parallel with the production in English of all the books in the XaviVerso.”

If you want to access the updated ebook and audiobook files of the 6th Edition, it’s only available in the Spanish edition.


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