Eva | La Marca de Odín



  • Name
    Eva Gálvez
  • Nationality
  • Birth date
    December 7, 1989
  • Status
  • Profession
    5th degree student for Aerospace Engineering.


Eva is the best friend that anyone would love to have. Cheerful, intelligent, extrovert and with a contagious smile for everyone that is around her. She was born in Cordoba, but moved to Seville to start her University studies.

She meet casually Luis during the first year, becoming her best friend and partner for the University works. With the years their relationship has become stronger making them an unstoppable team. That’s the reason they two are firm candidates to join the Hermes Project, inside the new European Aerospace Center of Seville.

Methodic person, Eva always distinguished in the studies and wanted to do an engineering degree. There’s no doubt that his father was the main responsible of that interest, as was a frustrated dream that he had. When he died in a tragic traffic accident six years before she wanted to quit the school. She turned into a depressive gaze that would have imprisoned her forever if wasn’t for her mother care and help. It was her who pushed Eva to move to Seville and join the University.

After all that effort, Eva feels that her dream is closer to become real. Being able to reach it with friends like Luis is something that makes her happier.