Ficha de: Eva Gálvez

Nombre: Eva Gálvez

Nacionalidad: Spain

Fecha de nacimiento: 7th December, 1989

Estado: Single

Profesión: 5th grade University Student of AeroSpace Engineering


Eva is the best friend anyone has ever wanted to have. She is friendly, smiling, intelligent, outgoing and she always spreads her smile to everyone around her. Born in Córdoba, she moved to Seville to begin her studies in Aeronautical Engineering.

In her first year she casually met Luis, who would become her best friend and co-worker. Over the years their relationship has deepened to the point that they form an unparalleled team. Which is why both are strong candidates to be part of the select group of students who will be able to participate in the Hermes project, within the new European Aerospace Center in Seville.

A methodical person, Eva always excelled in her studies and aspired to an engineering career. Without a doubt, it was her father who instilled that interest in her, as it was his frustrated dream when he was young. After her father died in a tragic car accident six years earlier, she was on the verge of leaving everything behind. She entered a depressive spiral from which she would not have emerged if it had not been for the firmness and affection of her mother. It was she who pushed her to move to Seville and begin her studies.

After so much effort, Eva feels that her dream is getting closer to coming true. And being able to achieve it with friends like Luis is something that makes her even happier.