Ficha de: Tristán

Nombre: Tristán

Nacionalidad: Spain

Fecha de nacimiento: 7th December, 1997

Estado: Single

Profesión: Student


Tristán is Luis’s little brother. Could be said that he is typical teenager from Seville. His shyness contrasts with the striking nature of his blonde hair and the intense blue of his eyes. From a very young age he has been inseparable from Luis, so his absence, after he became independent from the family home, has not suited him very well.

Unlike his older brother, Tristán has not shown a special interest in studies, nor does he yet know what he wants to do with his life. The only thing he is clear about is his love for music, especially rock, and he dreams of becoming a great musician one day. Which is not something that has the approval of his parents, who are determined that he follow in the footsteps of his older brother, or that he take over from his father and embark on a military career.

As for sports, it’s not that he cares too much about them, but for the past year he has taken to using a skateboard and usually uses it to go everywhere. Unlike Luis, Tristán is not very social, but he has a group of good friends, schoolmates, with whom he tries to have fun whenever he can.

After spending a summer enjoying with his friends, the beach, and having been camping the entire month of August, Tristán hates having to go back to the routine of listening to his parents arguing because they don’t see him focused. Now that he is starting a new course at school, he hopes to be left in peace a little, to be able to dedicate as much time as he can to his guitar and to see his brother whenever he can. Luis is the only one who truly understands him and with whom he really feels relaxed. That’s why he dislikes seeing that he is increasingly focused on the university and that he cannot pass time with him as he would like.