Welcome to the Mark of Odin website 3.0

The XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that the Mark of Odin website and online community 3.0 version  is finally live. This new version is the third since our original launch in July 2012 and has been completely made from scratch to offer an improved experience and design for #MarkedforOdin readers.

The process of “moving” from the old website to this one has been more complex than we expected and has required having to go through many parts manually. We have made a comprehensive change to the website systems, which has taken much more work than initially planned. But, as it is said, Rome was not built in two days.

For those of you who have already seen our XaviVerso community store, you will see that the design is quite similar.

Main features of the new website:

  • It no longer has an online store (you can find it in XaviVerso)
  • Improved design: More intuitive, beautiful and usable
  • Improved gamification system: More achievements and we will finally have points (Runes) with which to offer you more benefits for your progress and participation
  • The Community becomes My Library: The new central axis from where you can improve your accounts, indicate completed readings and access the download of ebooks and audiobooks
  • Independent language editions: We will no longer offer new translations of books for free. Each translation will be independent of the others. That is, if you have the Spanish edition, it will not be included for free in English. If you want it, you will have to acquire it independently, as well as other future languages in which we publish the books (its translation and production is an expensive and time-consuming process)

As with any premiere/launch there may be errors, there are details that we will continue working on in the following days, such as adding part of the English content of Odinpedia that is not yet available. If you encounter any problem or error, we would appreciate it if you let us know so that we can resolve it as soon as possible.

We will soon share a new #LetterfromtheAuthor in which Xavier Marcé will tell you all our news and what is to come in the coming months.

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