The #DisasterSevilla TV gathering

‘Barely five days have passed since the ‘fateful night of the #SevillaDisaster and from Noticias Directo TV we continue with our special programming dedicated to trying to bring a little light to the endless questions that everyone continues to ask. To do this, today we have brought together different experts with whom we are going to analyze the keys to what happened and whether the authorities reacted correctly.

With us we have Colonel Miguel Hidalgo of the Air Force, in command of the 11th Wing of the Morón Air Base, who, if I am not mistaken, had a great involvement in the military operations to confront 2012 UA.’

‘That’s right, we were the first line of combat and I had the honor of directing from the command center the brave men and women of squadron 111 Diablos of Hispania who gave everything, even their lives, to protect our territory ‘ he says with a serious and firm face.

‘Throughout the night we hope that he will give us as many details as you can about those operations and the decision-making process. At least everything he can tell us, since the audience must know that the Ministry of Defense has accepted that we would have the presence of Colonel Hidalgo with the condition of assuming the current status of summary secrecy in everything related to the #SevillaDisaster. Despite this, we will try to give all the information we can. On the other hand, today we also have with us the professor and blogger Mariano Sánchez, a well-known member of occult programs and one of Spain’s greatest experts in ufology. Welcome Professor Sánchez.’

‘Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to be here and have the opportunity to share with all of Spain the truth that the military and the government are hiding from us about the dramatic events that took place a few days ago,’ says Sánchez, looking askance at Colonel Hidalgo.

‘There will be time for debate, don’t rush. We also have Eduardo Iglesias, president of Hasta Ahora, one of the opposition parties. Thank you very much for coming.’

‘It is a pleasure to be here. It is time for us citizens to really know what happened and to tell us the truth, no more lies as President Alonso’s government has done. The Spanish are demanding political consequences for the disastrous actions of our government…’ Iglesias begins to argue.

‘I see that you are coming with enthusiasm, Mr. Iglesias, but before we begin, allow me to introduce our last guest. To complete our team of speakers, sociologist Carmen Vargas has agreed to come, who will give us her point of view on the impact of what happened both on the citizens of Seville and on those from around the world who have witnessed a tragedy. like never before seen.’

‘Hello, thank you for inviting me. I hope to offer constructive feedback to the debate.’

TV set of the Noticias Directo TV debate gathering

‘A lot has happened in these few days and we would need weeks to analyze everything. That is why I ask you to try to be concise. I would like to start the debate on the first decision-making. Let’s start with you, Colonel Hidalgo, what can you tell us about the first minutes after detecting that an unknown object was heading towards Seville?’

‘Well we really didn’t have any certainty as to where it was going. Initially the object was detected over the Eastern Mediterranean, so it was NATO who was in charge. Our North American allies were the first to detect that 2012 UA had made a controlled descent into our orbit. Then it was up to us Europeans to mobilize. At all times the protocol was strictly followed, all the governments of the countries in the region were informed and an attempt was made to find the best operational response. There was not much room for maneuver, since 2012 UA was moving fast and it was clear that its trajectory took it directly into our airspace. That is why we decided to send a reconnaissance drone…’  Colonel Hidalgo begins to explain.
‘Which reflects another example of the way this government acts, always improvising. If from the first moment they were aware that it was an unknown threat they had alerted the population and evacuated Seville today we would not be talking about such a horrible tragedy. Instead, the government lied to citizens by closing the airspace with a cheap excuse of meteorological anomalies.’ Iglesias interrupts.
‘With all due respect, at that time no one could even imagine the nature and level of the threat. We live in a state of law and the army is obliged to follow rules. As I said, the protocol was strictly followed. It wasn’t until we lost the signal with the drone, after making contact, that we became aware that 2012 UA posed a real threat. By then it was too late to order an evacuation. If we had done so we would have had to regret even more civilian casualties…’
‘That’s a lie!’ Professor Sánchez jumps.

‘Professor Sánchez, I ask you not to raise your voice to interrupt the other guests. What do you mean by saying it’s a lie?’

‘I’m talking about they didn’t know that it was a threat. They are lying to us all. They have wanted us to believe that this is the first time there has been contact with aliens. And it is simply a lie. Western governments have been hiding the truth for decades. From the United States back in 1947 with the Roswell case to our own government with what happened in Manises in ’79, to name just two of the clearest examples. Not only have there been contacts, but there have been open confrontations and I know on good authority that even the United States government has been developing hybrid vehicles that are taking advantage of alien technology for some time. Without going any further, there is the current Phoenix project in Area 51, whose budget allocation has made more than one congressman cry out loud.’  Professor Sánchez argues vigorously.
‘Without wanting to disrespect “professor” Sánchez, I would appreciate it if you would try not to blurt out the first nonsense that comes to mind on such a serious topic. There are many people who have died, including many of my colleagues, friends, people who have given their lives for you so that you can frivolize by coming up with meaningless theories.’ Colonel Hidalgo responds, visibly annoyed.
‘They are not meaningless theories. Governments knew of the existence of an alien threat and despite this they have tried to keep it hidden with the aim of being able to take advantage of their technology to control us.’ Professor Sánchez continues stubbornly.

‘At this point, if you allow me, I would like to hear Dr. Vargas’ opinion, since I see her thoughtfully listening attentively to the rest of the guests.’

‘Well, I think that what just happened here is a clear example of the effects that a drama as serious as the #SevilleDisaster has had. Paranoia, collective psychosis, are very common reactions to situations that surpass us, for which we cannot find an explanation. Without wanting to get into controversy with Professor Sánchez, but I think his vision is too simplistic. Although it is a logical answer, for the human mind it would be something much easier to understand than accepting that what has happened has been something that is completely beyond our control and understanding. If you have looked at social media, there are thousands of messages that go down that path. I have even read blogs with conspiracy theories alleging that the attack in Seville never occurred, that everything has been orchestrated by the government and that all the videos circulating are a montage.’ Dr. Vargas intervenes.
‘Of course, it is very easy to label myself crazy or paranoid to avoid the reality that the government has manipulated us from the first moment. There are many unanswered questions. The most obvious is why aliens would choose a city like Seville to attack Earth. Come on! Let’s not be absurd. Seville?’ Professor Sánchez continues.
‘I think the reason for attacking Seville is obvious. And it is something that my party and I strongly opposed. It is clear that it has to be related to the European Aerospace Center. Why else would they attack Seville? What are they doing in their facilities that caused that they attacked us? Since its announcement, secrecy has revolved around its facilities and what is carried out there. On more than one occasion I have asked President Alonso to appear to explain in detail what work is being carried out in the EAC to require facilities of such magnitude.’ Iglesias speaks.
‘With all due respect, there is nothing to indicate that the objective of the 2012 UA was the EAC. In fact, its facilities suffered almost no direct damage during the entire battle. All the damage suffered was due to the impacts of the remains of the 2012 UA when it exploded in the air.’ Clarifies Colonel Hidalgo.

‘If you’ll excuse me, we want people on the street to give their opinion. We have set up a phone number for viewers to call us and we have a few people waiting to give their opinion. Let’s go with the first call, who do we talk to?’

‘Hello, my name is Rafael, I am from Seville and I was in the city when the battle began. I trust what Colonel Hidalgo says, I don’t believe that the government knew that this was going to happen. And for those who say that it was all a setup, I would like them to come to Seville to see all the wounded and dead. I was saved thanks to the intervention of the legionnaires. One of those spiders approached where I was sheltering with my family and we were saved because several soldiers arrived and diverted their attention. I think most of them died. They gave their lives to save mine and mine. So I ask for respect from those who only say bullshit looking for a minute of fame!’

‘Okay Rafael, thank you very much for sharing your testimony. Without a doubt heartbreaking.’

‘I appreciate your words Rafael, there were many companions who fell that night but it was their mission and duty. If we can say one thing, it is that from the first moment the entire military family has felt very strongly the affection and gratitude of the Spanish people,’  adds Colonel Hidalgo.

‘Well, now another call that Professor Sánchez will surely like. Who do we talk to?’

‘Greetings, I am Professor Jorgen Hågensen, from Norway. I have recently arrived in Spain to be able to speak with the authorities in charge of the investigation into what happened. I wanted to speak with Colonel Hidalgo since I have vital information to clarify some of the enigmas of what has happened-‘ Professor Hågensen introduces himself.

One of the production technicians of Noticias Directo TV

‘What information is that? Can you tell us something?’

‘I have data and evidence that show that what has happened in Seville is not something new or coincidental, for some reason that I still I’m trying to figure out, it is directly connected to the mythical civilization of Hyperborea that disappeared more than 60,000 years ago…’ adds the professor Hågensen.
‘We are already with another one who wants to attract attention.’ Dr. Vargas interrupts.
‘Professor Hågensen? Wait a minute, I know who he is. You were the one who was branded crazy for presenting supposedly false evidence of the existence of the ruins of the Hyperborea civilization at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Look, I respect your passion, professor, but what does it have to do with an alien attack? This is a matter of the government and the military please!’ Professor Sánchez explodes indignantly.
‘Another enlightened one, please be a little serious. We are facing a serious debate, if I knew that before I wouldn’t have come’ Iglesias protests.

‘Thank you very much Professor Hågensen for sharing his opinion with us. Let’s move on to…’

‘You must listen to me! If I’m right this may not be over! Please, I know it sounds crazy but…’ Professor Hågensen replies desperately.

‘I apologize to everyone for this call. It seems that he has managed to bypass our realization filter. We’re going to take a commercial break for a few minutes. Do not change the channel since after the advertising we are going to provide new and revealing data on the #SevilleDisaster…’