The President’s speech

President Manuel Alonso addressed the nation, and the entire world, today from Seville in an emotional speech after yesterday’s terrible events during what is now known worldwide as #SevilleDisaster. He did so in front of nearly two thousand people who gathered in a well-known conference hotel located in the Nervión area, being one of the least affected by the battle.

Alonso has spoken to the world only after having visited the emergency coordination center and several field hospitals. The dark circles that filled his face reflect that, like everyone else in Seville, he has not slept at all this night either. As the government cabinet has informed us, the president was locked up in the Moncloa command center. He is there connected at all times with the Morón operations control center, the high command of the army and with the crisis cabinets of all the allied countries of Spain that were mobilized after the activation of the so-called NATO Claymore protocol.

In his speech, President Alonso made important announcements about the international support that Seville and Spain will receive in the coming weeks. At Noticias Directo TV we have prepared a complete transcript of the speech for those who have not been able to see it live on television.

We reproduce it below:

<<Dear Sevillians, people of Spain and citizens of the whole world. Today we are all Seville. Today we are all united in a tragedy so terrible that until yesterday it was impossible for our minds to imagine. He addresses you with my heart still in my fist, holding back tears and anger, with my mind tormented by all the suffering that has been experienced on this earth.

I know most of you feel this way. May grief completely dominate you at the loss of your loved ones, of your homes. The lack of understanding of why this has happened has broken you inside. You feel that there is no longer hope, that there is no future for us. But let me tell you something…

Despite all the pain, despite the tragedy, despite all this disaster, all these losses, if you have shown anything it is that there is a future, a hope, no matter how impossible the situation. Because make no mistake, what happened here has been something impossible, something incredible, something that no one believed you could cope with. But you did it!

You have stood up, you have stood up and you have helped your neighbors, your friends, completely unknown people. You have joined your hands and rescued trapped people, you have taken the injured to hospitals, you have sheltered those who were lost, you have put in contact those who knew nothing about their loved ones. What the citizens of Seville have done tonight is something that will never be forgotten.

But you have not been alone. The security and military forces, not only of Spain but of our allied nations, have fought as one, giving their blood to protect us all. Make no mistake, this night spent in Seville not only fought for their survival, but also fought for that of all humanity. If Seville had fallen, be sure that it would have been the beginning of our end.

I am aware that the most terrifying thing for everyone is ignorance, not knowing the reason for what has happened or the origin of this terrible enemy that has attacked us. From the first moment contact was made with the 2012 UA, experts from around the world have been working to clarify all these enigmas. Even right now they are doing their best to collect all the evidence, compile all the information that will allow us to piece together the puzzle of why they attacked us in Seville.

President Alonso addressing the nation after the Disaster in Seville

Not to mention our mysterious allies who finally helped us put an end to the 2012 UA threat in the skies of Seville. We barely know anything right now. All our attempts to communicate with them were unsuccessful, but I can tell you that whoever they are, we will never forget their help and we hope to be able to contact them to establish a solid and peaceful relationship between our peoples.

I know that around us the city is in ruins, but I assure you that we are going to raise every wall, clean up every rubble and rebuild everything that was destroyed. And we will not do it just for ourselves, but for all our fellow citizens who have left us. We will do it to honor his memory and demonstrate that his sacrifice, that his unjust death, was not in vain. Do not despair, we will not be alone in this epic feat, since I know very well that the entire international community is going to help us.

In this sense, I want to announce that a meeting of donors will be called very soon to help rebuild Seville and decide how to face what will be this new phase in the history of humanity. Because now we are aware that we are not alone in the universe. That there is someone else out there, that there are people who can help us as well as a darkness to fight. And I assure you, when we make contact with them again, whether in one way or another, they will find us prepared.

Now more than ever humanity must unite. Now more than ever, humanity must rebuild broken bridges. Now more than ever, humanity must put aside the old grudges, the differences, that which separates us. The time has come for all of us who inhabit this beautiful planet called Earth to unite. May we unite to become stronger, more determined. Let us unite so that, if we are again the target of attack by despicable beings like those of 2012 UA, they will test our strength, our determination and before being destroyed they wish they had not dared to mess with us.

I assure you that I will do my best so that we can once again be a smiling nation and there will not be a drop of fear left in our veins. I’ll go out of my way if necessary. A few years ago, when I announced my candidacy for president, abandoning the security of my life, leaving my company, everyone said I was crazy. That someone like me could not be president of Spain. But I proved everyone wrong, that he was a tireless fighter. And now I swear to you that I will continue to be that fighter and I ask that you be one too.

I ask you for one last effort. Continue helping, continue reporting the whereabouts of the missing, donating blood, helping civil protection and the UME. We are going to create a volunteer coordination center for all those who have already expressed their willingness to come to Seville to collaborate. Together we will bring light back to this ruined city.

Soon we will see Seville reborn from the ashes. I promise you! United, we can! Thank you!>>

With this emotional farewell, President Alonso said goodbye to all attendees and took an Army helicopter to travel to the Morón Air Base. There he will visit all the surviving pilots of the battle and meet with the commanders who directed what has undoubtedly been the largest battle experienced in Europe since World War II.

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