Letter from the author #82: 10 years of mark of odin

Dear #MarkedbyOdin, it seems unbelievable, it seems like a dream, but… Mark of Odin celebrates its tenth launch anniversary today! I can’t believe that ten years have passed since the crazy day I finally dared to share this impossible dream that I had been preparing for several years. So today, if you allow me the license and the emotion that comes out of my skin, I am going to expand on everything I feel right now. Let’s go to the fight!



It is amazing to look back and see all that I have managed to do and achieve with the help of everyone who has collaborated with me and, of course, the support of all the readers who have fallen in love with the Mark of Odin story. A story that I first started with the idea of creating something that would excite me, but which turned out to become something collective, which has exceeded all my expectations. A support that has pushed me, even when I didn’t want to or didn’t have the courage, to keep going yes or yes.

An example of this is the video produced by Jorge Sánchez Mena (Rhisgard in our community and @sanchez.vfx on Instagram) with which he wanted me to explain how the germ of The Mark of Odin arose and which seemed ideal to me to commemorate these days years of endless battle. You can watch it below or on Youtube.

I can only remember right now all the details and gestures that you readers have had. From videos, bronze engravings, photos of you, messages… There is so much that you have returned to me in exchange for the story that I dreamed that I get excited just thinking about it.


In these ten years, well, for me there have been a few more. Not for nothing the spark of Mark of Odin arose back in 2005-2006. As I said, in these years I have had to face many challenges, obstacles, disappointments, betrayals, fears, anxiety, stress, depression… It has not been an easy road, not at all. But if I have learned a lesson, it is that, with perseverance and faith in oneself, nothing is impossible. It may cost a lot, a lot, to seem impossible, but, in the end, if we don’t give up, we will manage to rise to victory or, at least, get closer to it in a way that no one seemed to believe possible.

This is even more relevant today. We live in a very dark time, with a horizon full of storms and uncertainties. Not just me and this project, but for all of us. We are in practice in a Third World War, yes, although few are able to say it out loud. With consequences that, although most are not aware of them, are upon us and will be more noticeable as the months go by.

If we add to this the base projection that the world already had, not only Spain (what a blast!), in which everything seems to indicate that the aim is for small and independent creators and entrepreneurs to disappear so that only the BIG ones have a voice and I vote… It makes staying on the battlefield more and more costly, more bloody.

And yet, despite having to contend against merciless Hekkars against an untouchable Plain Truth, we continued to fight. We continue to resist. Not only that, surviving and, more importantly, aspiring to dream and live happily. There is no other, we can not give up! If these ten years have shown me anything, it is that I have a capacity for resilience that I would never have believed possible. And, as I said before, my main fuel has been all of you, those who have enjoyed the fruit of my dreams.


Seven years ago, when I made my first attempt to crowdfund the book in English on Kickstarter, one of my dreams was to be able to offer you the audiobooks of the saga. Well, I was afraid that when I reached the age of ten I would have “nothing” special to offer you. But here we are, just a week ago I was able to make that dream come true, that aspiration. And best of all, offer it free to all registered readers. My vocation has always been to try to give as much as possible to those who, despite being a total stranger, made me worthy not only of your money, but above all of your time and enthusiasm.

Audiolibros de La marca de Odin.jpg

In an ideal world, I would have dreamed of audiobook editions with soundtracks, sound effects, dramatization, and numerous different voices. Yes, as the “Great ones” do. But if I have assumed something, it is that the little ones must learn the rules of the game and see how to turn them around to get the most out of it. So I have finally been able to offer you the audiobooks of the three books of Mark of Odin. Many of you may just prefer to read, but hey, the fact that I can give you all the possible options to enjoy this dream is priceless. And for reference, in just one week there have been hundreds of people downloading the Mark of Odin: The Awakening audiobook on Google Play without us doing any marketing to announce it. Who knows, maybe this will help us reach more readers/listeners and make them decide to take the step of becoming #MarcadosporOdín.


A few months ago, Soulpowert, a Twitch streamer, suggested me to use Mark of Odin: The Awakening to launch a Reading Club that he wanted to carry out with his friend Zadquiel. His idea was to be able to comment on chapters of the book without having read the following ones. In this way, they could share their impressions, complaints, theories, scathing comments… Everything. The idea excited me. Above all, to be able to know the impressions of readers from Colombia and Peru, since although I have many Latin American readers, I have not been able to obtain much feedback from them. The experience was most positive and constructive. In fact, you can listen to it on this Youtube Playlist.

Club de Lectura LMDO Ecav 02.jpg

Well, two weeks ago after playing other novels, they decided to return to Mark of Odin, but this time with the bonus chapters of the first book and already delve into Road to Valhalla. In its second installment I had the opportunity to participate live for the first time and it was great. Although their schedule is not the most ideal for those of us in Spain, I encourage you to follow them and participate in the following installments. If you are fans of the saga you will enjoy like dwarfs seeing their impressions and comments. You can participate in the following deliveries on Twitch or already listen to them when they are uploaded to Youtube.


I have many dreams and aspirations for what is to come in Mark of Odin. I hope that in the next ten years we can overcome many barriers that seem impossible right now. I dream of the adaptation to cinema, television, anime, video games and more of the saga. Also, although I don’t want to give dates… I know that all of you who have finished reading Ragnarok are dreaming of the fourth book.

And before the fourth, I have to share with you a bunch of extended stories and three bonus chapters. My intention is to be able to get on with your planning as soon as possible. I have a commitment that you will have the first bonus chapter before the end of 2022. As I told you, I needed a break from Mark of Odin after the madness I did to get Ragnarok out in record time. Be that as it may, I hope to be able to start designing the content plan for stories and chapters soon.

Prueba arte conceptual Boreanos.png

In this sense, I have found a solution to be able to produce conceptual art that I can use to accompany the future stories that I am going to do. While I don’t rule out working with artists, especially my beloved Manu Nieto… I’m going to explore the option of working with advanced AI for the production of concept art illustrations. I have had the opportunity to be included in the closed beta of a very powerful one and it is really amazing the things that can be done. I say again, the little ones, we have to look for life to be able to compete with the big ones despite being in inferior conditions. I have the illusion of being able to return to the topic of Unreal Engine 5 and metahumans to be able to produce content, but it takes a lot of time and… I am not able to promise anything about it.


On the other hand, there is another important topic that I have to prioritize right now during this break from Mark of Odin. It is none other than trying to prove to myself that I am capable of producing and writing an independent novel in record time. This must be the first result of my Asian adventure, of my two months in Vietnam. There are many reasons why I feel I should take on this project, some I have already told you about, others are very personal. The reality is that this story that began to take shape before I even went to live in Hanoi is screaming at me to see the light as soon as possible.

IMG_20220507_130904 copia.jpg

It’s a non related Mark of Odin story, in a standalone universe, but… And here comes the kicker, it will have some parallels with our Mark of Odin universe and it will explain a few things that appear in Ragnarok. It is a story that, although it is inspired by real and historical events, will have an important fictional component that will connect, in some way, with the reality that I have shown you in my books.

So, without further ado, I am looking forward to sharing with you a draft of the temporary synopsis.

For as long as she could remember, CNI intelligence officer Carla Romero has been convinced that her grandfather, a medical officer in the parachute brigade of the Spanish Army, died during an accident in the Sahara in 1971. Everything will change after a failed operation that will put an end to her meteoric career at the CNI. Relegated to ostracism, Carla will discover by chance that her grandfather died far away from North Africa, in the Vietnam War and under suspicious circumstances. Willing to reveal the whole truth and redeem herself, Carla will undertake a risky trip to the exotic country of Southeast Asia. There she will meet Captain Kahn Duy Cuong, who has been obsessed for years with the disappearance of his own grandfather.

Both are unaware of it, but their family stories are not only connected, but also contain a secret that could shake a dark international organization that will do everything possible to prevent them from succeeding.

Will Carla and Duy Cuong be able to learn the fate of their grandparents and finally unravel one of the untold stories of the Vietnam War?


I wish with all my heart that you can enjoy these summer weeks in the best way. I don’t want to be a bird of ill omen, but I fear that very dark times are ahead. Be prepared, because a crisis like the one we are facing is going to require all our determination and courage. When the time comes, be ready to step forward… Remember Luis, Jack, Kira… They were able to do it despite everything against them.

As always, I encourage you to join our Discord community, the Telegram channel and also add us to your contact list on WhatsApp (Say hello to us on +34 671 48 96 90) and continue sharing your impressions of the books. . Not only in the Reviews section, but also on external platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, Lektu or Goodreads. Having a good rating and opinions there helps us a lot to attract new readers.

Remember, everything is connected.

Xavier Marcé

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