Morón Air Base


The Morón Air Base has its origins in 1940, when work began on the ‘Vazquez Sagastizábal’ Military Aerodrome, its original name. Since then it has come to have different functionalities and has been the base of different Wings of the Spanish Air Force.

In 1941 the Hunting School was established there, which used Fiat CR-32 aircraft, nicknamed ‘Chirri’. Later it would become the 7th Light Fighter Wing, with German Heinkel 111 bombers, until its transfer to Málaga in 1956. At which time it became the 5th Fighter Wing using American F-86 ‘Sabre’ aircraft. In 1971, the 21st Tactical Wing was formed with F-5 fighters, which would operate until 1992, to be replaced by C-101. In addition, in that same year they would be joined by the P-3 Orión aircraft of the defunct 22nd Wing of the Jerez de la Frontera Air Base, Cádiz.

It would not be until July 30, 1999 that the name of Wing 21 was changed to the current Wing 11, after the Manises Air Base, Valencia, was definitively closed. Thus, the Morón Air Base and the 11th Wing would remain organically dependent on the General Air Command (MAGEN).

Throughout its history, the different units that have made up the Morón Air Base have contributed significantly to the history of the Spanish Air Force. From the old Hunting School where more than 500 Fighter pilots were trained who over the years would go on to occupy the highest leadership of the Air Force. Later, and with the F-5, the Unit would be considered by the specialized international press as the “Most trained operational Unit in Europe”, having an outstanding work in the operations carried out on the occasion of the Decolonization of the Sahara and also, years Later, the P-3s of Group 22 would act with maximum effectiveness in the embargo operations against the former Yugoslavia (Operation Sharp Guard).

The strategic importance of the Morón Air Base makes it practically irreplaceable for USAF forces as it is a basic support point in their operations as it is practically located halfway between the United States and the Middle East. Furthermore, until the retirement of the American shuttles, it acted as a support base for all Space Shuttle launches, given the characteristics of the aeronautical facilities and its landing strip, one of the longest in Europe.

Currently, the Morón Air Base houses, in addition to the 11th Wing of the Spanish Air Force, the 496 ABS and the 18th SSS of the USAF. And since 2010, it has two squadrons equipped with Eurofighter Typhoon fighters, the 111th Diablos de Hispania and the 112th Tartesos. Both are made up of elite Spanish fighter pilots, with extensive experience in many combat and peacekeeping operations.


In recent days, media attention around the base has increased following the announcement that it will be in charge of coordinating the air show for the Columbus Day parade that will take place in Seville. The inhabitants of the neighboring town of Morón de la Frontera expect an increase in visitors thanks to this. In the coming weeks, the final training sessions for the great exhibition will take place and the arrival of many pilots and parachutists has been announced, not only from Spain but from the rest of Europe and the United States.