Mark of Odin: The Awakening opens its fifth Spanish edition with the publication of the new exclusive format for Amazon. Taking advantage of its size update, to match those of The Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok, we have applied new fixes and improvements to the book.

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Until now, the Amazon-exclusive print edition of Mark of Odin: Awakening was A5 sized, just like the collector’s editions. In its day, it was created through Amazon’s CreateSpace platform, which would later be abandoned to be fully integrated into Amazon’s KDP platform. After this change, it was no longer possible to modify the format, to adapt it to the 6″x9″ format, which is the most standardized internationally, and which has been chosen since Road to Valhalla.

The old version of Mark of Odin: Awakening will no longer be available, but Amazon users around the world will be able to purchase the new one, seeing all the reviews of the old one on it. So in practice, nothing will change for them.

With this change, this new format and fifth edition goes from 368 pages to 293, thanks to the fact that the book now has a larger printing extension. He is taller, thinner, but with the same epic story that has so surprised the #MarcadosporOdin.

The changes applied in the 5th edition will see the light in our collector’s edition in its next reprint, although it will take a while, since we have a large stock of the 4th edition right now.

We take this opportunity to clarify a recurring doubt. When we speak of a new edition, we refer to a new version of the book in which the text and the design have been substantially corrected-improved. We are not talking about reprints or new issues of copies. The confusion occurs because it is common in the literary industry to use the term “New Edition” when copies are reprinted. That is why it is common to see news that talks about such a book going for edition X in just a few weeks. It seems to us to be a misleading marketing device and should not be used as such.

To see the new version of Mark of Odin: Awakening go to Amazon.

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