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Mark of Odin will be attending Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 and Festival of Licensing 2020

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Mark of Odin team is pleased to confirm our presence, with author Xavier Marcé at the helm, both at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020, as well as at the Festival of Licensing 2020 multi-region international event, next October.


Letter from the Author #69: To the Audionarok!

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Dear #MarkedbyOdin, we have passed the middle of the month of August, with the summer and the weeks passing faster and faster. It's time to catch up with all the news about Mark of Odin and tell you a bit about what we've been working on since my last communication to celebrate our eighth launch anniversary. Hold on well, in this installment we come strong with many new features!


Mark of Odin saga reaches more than 90,000 readers in external digital platforms

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Mark of Odin team is happy to announce that the saga has already reached more than 90,000 readers exclusively in external digital platforms. This important achievement makes the start of the new target to reach: Reaching the magic number of 100,000 readers!