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Derek Chapman


  • Name
    Derek Chapman
  • Nationality
    United States of America
  • Birth Date
    January 13, 1970
  • Status
    Married with Estella Chapman. He has two kids: Eddie and Jack
  • Profession
    Captain from USAF. Second in command in the Test Team of Phoenix Project.


Captain Derek Chapman has always been a soldier, a lover of flying with a jet fighter and the good Cuban cigars. Born in Los Angeles he enlisted in the USAF with only eighteen. After being one of the first pilots of his promotion in the Academy he was transferred to VFA-32 ‘Swordsmen’ squadron, where he met who will become his best friend and flying partner, Jack Preston.

He had a meteoric promotion participating in different combat operations in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he survived after being shot down together with Jack during the battle of Tora Bora. Those who know him well know that this mission changed him forever. He had always been cheerful and extrovert, but after what happened, which details are just rumors, he become more serious and steel forged pilot. It is said that he alone finished an entire Taliban position to rescue his partner Jack Preston.

Despite scars from war, both become the best flying partners in the USAF. No matter they were in the same plane or were flying in different ones.

Jack Preston and him are unbreakable friends since they met. That’s the reason behind Derek joined Jack in Phoenix Project when he was asked to manage the tests, despite that meant to separate from his family. Derek loves his wife Estella and his kids, Eddie and Jack, but his loyalty to Jack goes first always. He would go to the far end of the world if he asked him to do that.