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European Aerospace Center - EAC



  • EAC – European Aerospace Center
  • Location: 37º 26’ 2” North, 5º 51’ 19” West
  • Year of foundation: April 2010
    Security Level: Highest


The idea behind creating a new European Aerospace Center was born from the need of gather efforts from NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency). After the international economic crisis and NASA’s failure in finding a replacement for their space shuttles, it was clear that the only way to keep moving forward in the space race was a strong alliance between NASA and ESA. Otherwise, they could be relegate to a secondary position by emerging countries like China.

Many countries competed to be the selected ones to receive these facilities, but Spain was the winner. It’s rumored that was thanks to the great relationship between President Manuel Alonso and President Elliot Powell.

The construction works started in October 2009, being inaugurated the first stage of the facilities only six months later, in April 2010. EAC, as its popular known has involved one of the biggest investments in building and engineering of all the West. Either public organizations or private companies have invested great sums of money to make it possible. Its extension is more than half the size of Seville city. The security is the highest level, being the NATO responsible of it.

Officially, it’s only known for the general public that the EAC is going to be used for the Hermes Project, which objective is to develop a new generation of space shuttles. Out of the record, many voices point that either its extension or the secrecy of the facilities are hiding something more. Specially, when it’s confirmed that the building works will continue at least until 2020, despite they have been officially finished.

What is clear is that the EAC has become in a highest strategic resource of maximum interest either for research or military. That’s the reason that its rumored that some of the greater genius from the West have joined the facilities. All working together to get humanity closer to the galaxy. Moreover, a recent news has confirmed that starting September 2012, an exclusive group of university students from the Engineering School will be allowed to participate in the Hermes Project. This will be possible to one of the new government program to support that the best minds from University can be used in the most innovative projects and companies.